MGO3? Kept you waiting, huh?! [PS4]


New to the forums here, looking for payers to team up with to:

  • have fun on MGO3!

  • get down on some tactics

  • I have an enforcer character and a scout, currently enjoying Scout more, as I’m not the fastest on the trigger

My PSN: Arctother. Add me if you’re down!


Haven’t started online yet cause I just got MGS and getting used to singleplayer but i’ll join soon

PSN: biff_tannen1982

Do you Destiny at all?


PSN: JohnOnTheRocks

Playing as Infiltrator right now. Loving it so far.

Will probably make a scout next.


@johnontherocks I sent you a friend request. @biff_tannen get on the multi-player! My game is Only at 8% lol. I know some that only got to 1% and went right to multi-player. I still have plans to finish the single player over Christmas break.


Feel free to add me : AlexFalkor-


@AlexFalkor @ducksauce88 @JohnOnTheRocks @Biff_Tannen

Let’s do this! I won’t scatter your ashes to the sea… I will shoot down your fulton!


I do not Destiny, I played the campaign for some time last year but found it underwhelming. but maybe in the future when there’s more cash flow since Destiny seems to have improved immensely.


@Arctother accept my friend request, I’m on.


This @ducksauce88 guy. When the enemy has a knife to his teammate’s throat and given the option to drop your weapon or else, he will not think twice to plug his bud full of holes in order to eliminate the enemy’s upper hand.

Now that’s a super soldier.


Lolol in my defense I didn’t think it was going to kill you. Friendly fire is only on when being held up. I like it


@teh_ninjaneer @Arctother just after you signed off I was able to nail 2 Fultons for 11 points, it’s the last clip in the vid. The Fulton Punch is so satisfying! Lol


What time do you guys usually play? I’d like to get a team Strats game going on tonight I’ve been getting very annoyed lately at random teammates killing my guy when I’m interrogating them -_-


With team Strats, it will be your buddy killing you while you are being interrogated!

Last night there were 3 of us playing around 8pm Eastern.


Awesome, I’ll be on around 8pm-10pm Eastern tonight. Hope I catch some of you guys on, I’ve been doing well as Infiltrator lately.


@teh_ninjaneer if you could stop being a rat, I wouldn’t have to slay you. :joy: :joy: Snitches get put in ditches. lolol @JohnOnTheRocks its seriously annoying to play by yourself. I played a couple more rounds once these two guys left last night and I was getting frustrated at people. So easy to troll online with this game. lol


I’ve taught you well @ducksauce88 . I mean Kaz lasted more then a week being tortured and @teh_ninjaneer is just spilling all the beans when he gets caught, such a traitor xP


Currently on right now, feel free to hit me up in a party if you want :slight_smile:


I had to take a break. been going at mgo pretty hard. be back this weekend!


I’m at about 65% and I have really slowed down on single player. Although getting all the optional objectives/S ranking each story mission is addicting! I could see myself playing it for a while now, just every now and then.


Sorry I missed ya, since I was new to the forum I was limited to only so many replies and posts the first day on.