Mic-less and waiting


I so want to jump on mumble and join the convos there but honestly I realised the other day I don’t own a mic anymore! (Sadest story ever :violin:) So now I wait for amazon to bring me what I hope is a decent pair of cheap headphones because I have really tiny ears and can’t stand over the head headsets because of my glasses and easy on-set headaches. But I am rambling.


Why not get a desktop mic? I use my old Turtle Beach headset that I just set on my desk and it works well for me.


The way my desk is set up doesn’t really accommodate a desktop mic. I considered it though! But I move soon and changing the way everything is set up now would just be a pain!

And my headphones are kinda shit too. I just got something on sale anyways but hopefully it works. If not I will go with the desktop mic for sure!


Yeah I have over the ear ones. I have to take my glasses off whenever I play.


Yeah otherwise they give you a huge headache? Cause that’s why I never wear
mine lol. And its hard to move just one ear off so I can hear my boyfriend
in the same room because have a small head and they just slide off!


You can just jump in the mumble and listen to what we say then send your responses in guild chat @Alexander used to do that and we don’t mind at all. It isn’t like we’ll ignore you :slight_smile:


Oh cool! Didn’t know how mumble worked so I wasn’t sure if that was a
thing! I will have tob do that. I sadly have to work tomorrow but will
probablt hop on while I’m there since I can’t play there.


I was unaware we had access to mumble as a basic user…?

If that is the case, hook a grrl up with some infozzz to hop on. I’ve been waiting every so impatiently =/





I think i read somewhere here that once you can see the lounge you can get on the mumble… I am not sure though…Anyone know? @Vocino ?


WHAT the deuces!? How did i miss that?


That’s the plan eventually but for now it’s open to whoever knows the info to connect.


Now I wish I didn’t watch so much tv so I could take the time to get on :wink: