Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (physical) $19.99 - %60 off



Great game, I recommend everyone pick it up. I’ve already beaten it, but am still tempted to get it again.


Agreed @Biggles7268 I played and beat this over the winter, it’s a great purchase. Good amount of content, pretty tight controls and an interesting nemesis system. If anyone is a fan of Assassin’s Creed style games, go on and give it a peek. Can’t go wrong for an Andrew Jackson.


That Nemesis system is honestly an incredible addition, it really adds a lot to the game.


It also made for some very “COME ON MAN” moments. There were plenty of times I was either trying to axe someone off, or complete a mission and 2-3 different boss Orcs would just run up and ruin my plan, usually resulting in a few promotions because I couldn’t deal with it.


That made the game more difficult which is one of the few complaints I had. Once I leveled up there were very few encounters that challenged me. In the beggining of the game I died quite a lot, the last half or so barely at all.


Oh man, you mind reader. I was literally going to say the same thing. The one complaint about the game if you are going for 100% is you become SO powerful that it becomes a “i’m going to go steamroll some orcs now”. The last 5 or so hours of my 100% was just running past everything and not even fighting anymore because it wasn’t worth my time.

Until you reach that overpowered state though, the game really tough and you can get overwhelmed by large groups very fast.


Excellent game!
I consider it 100% worth the $60 I paid for it on release day so $20 is a heckuva deal.


I just got a new game I am going to dump a ton of hours into D: I will have to put this on on the list of things to pick up at a later date… maybe next time it goes on sale xD