Might be the funniest HotS clip I've ever seen....wait for it


to the non-HotS player, this may look like bad play and poor teamwork. as a HotS player, you will know that stuff like this happens all the time (maybe not this extreme). I just thought it was hilarious, especially the end.


I have no Idea what I just watched…


basically 1 team set up to take the boss of the map. the second team interfered and it ended up being a full team fight with the boss in the middle. the boss proceeded to pick of people with no prejudice. Proteus came within a fraction of a second of capturing the point anyway, but was killed. When it was pretty much all over the only 2 players left were an Abathur on either team, which usually is set up away from the action. Abathur’s travel ability allows him to travel anywhere on the map that is not in the fog of war. Since both Abathur’s had mines near the center, they both were able to travel there. Abathur’s only melee ability is just a slap move. So they both showed up and had a slapfest duel to the death. The winner carelessly walked over a mine and died too. Noone captured the boss point.


Thanks for the play by play. I figured it was something along those lines. I have not played HotS in forever.


that’s was amazing


I don’t play HotS, but I understood immediately the fact that this was a map objective battle; what a shitshow that turned into (especially the slap-fight at the end). I wouldn’t even be mad if that went down in a game I was in XD