Militia occupies federal building


This is happening in my hometown apparently.


ugh, why cant we all just get along?


I was just reading about this.
Shit’s goin down


They are occupying a building a half hour outside town. And I think they’ve broken in, so they are occupying the parking lot in freezing cold temperatures in the middle the middle of nowhere.
The cops just need to wait until they are tired of being cold and then arrest them when they try and leave.


What are they going to accomplish by taking a wildlife center. They are going to camp them out until their delusions of grandeur are finished. If the militia shoots, they will die, if they don’t they will starve.

Lets face it, we can’t get along because the political system is broken in many ways. The only way you can change the world it by throwing money at a politician.



It’s actually a pretty nice facility, looked it up a little while ago, it’s kind of a tourist spot. Has a small museum and everything lol. Apparently they are claiming to have brought supplies along and are planning to camp their for months. They are claiming to have a plan to somehow “take back the land” or some nonsense bullshit like that.

I may not live there anymore, but a bunch of out of state fuckwits coming into my hometown with weapons and threats, telling us how things should be is fairly offensive. Hopefully they get charged with some crimes this time around.


So wait, the United states government can come into any land and take it, but the other way around is a crime? Seems to me like a real reason to actually have a militia…altbough I’m not understanding what thier point is for doing this. In sure there is a better way. Isn’t this the family that the government tried to swoop in and say we own all your land?


No the government isn’t taking peoples land whenever they want and yes it is a crime to break into a building and tell people you’ll kill them if they try and remove you.

And the government didn’t swoop in and take their land, they graze their cattle on public land and refuse to pay the fees for using it.

They are arrogant pricks who equate not getting their way all the time with u tranny.

Edit : my phone autocorrected tyranny to u tranny. I laughed when I saw it so I’m leaving it.


Man, I was like “Damn! @Biggles7268 is heated! Calling people tranny and shit!”



Militia may have accessed government computers and files, along with using government vehicles at the site.


Why dont they cut the power and water to the facility? They are letting this go to far. I also heard they offered them 93% off the land they are trying to take. They are siding with terrorists. I can’t believe it.


I haven’t heard that and I’ve been following it fairly closely. No offers on the land have been made. They were offered an escort out of the state and that’s it.



“So I stand with Linda Sue Beck and all of the federal scientists who serve to research, protect, and manage our federal lands. I stand with the scientists, who are under siege, by anti-intellectual know-nothings in the halls of Congress, by vapid inciters on talk radio, and now by armed religious extremists in their very offices. It is time for America to stand up as well.”

I couldn’t agree more with him. Did they shoot anyone taking the building?


No it was unoccupied for the holidays. They are currently digging through all the government files on site and it looked like gathering personal info on the people employed there.


How many people are there now?


Roughly 15 to 20 last I heard.

Another interesting article :smile:


I read that earlier. lol