Minecraft and Biggles: Cake or Death!



So @Biggles7268 has been nice enough to be running a modded minecraft server for he, @Diacuss, and I. Normally we just hop on, have a little fun, learn new mods - normal stuff really.
Earlier today I was playing a steam game and got a message from Biggles:
biggles7268: omg, I just destroyed our map on the server
biggles7268: holy fuck
biggles7268: will be restoring from a backup soon, you should come on and see the chaos though
PreshusKitty: what did you do? xD
biggles7268: magics
biggles7268: everything is turning into sand and cake
biggles7268: I’m not joking

And he really wasn’t. Apparently one of the magical mods had a magical fire that turns areas into desert - problem being it can get out of hand… rather spectacularly.
So without further ado: Minecraft - CAKE AND DEATH

Apparently when the fire reaches water… it makes cake!

It apparently started as a tiny fire and spreads… very very quickly xD
this is our map after only a few moments:

These used to be trees:

Basement cake!

Onoes! The BASE!

In conclusion:
Biggles is pro gamer. Go big or go home.

-edited to add more pics :3


Its just a little fire, I don’t see what the fuss is about. And now we won’t need to make any food ever again.



lots of pirate potenciall!


I have video recordings of this. Will post tomorrow after it’s been uploaded to YouTube.


This is awesome and now I am hungry. :grimacing:


As promised, here is @Biggles7268, Destroyer of Worlds.


Tl/dr I used some magic to make a little sand, I got a little sand. Mission accomplished.


needs more cake


That spread rate, jeebus.



Well Played. That is a new one…


Gotta love mods. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I realize now that my mod definitely needs more cake! Haha