Minecraft anyone?



I want to try my hand at some cloud server admin stuff and thought why not make it fun and create a Linux minecraft server on AWS or Digital Ocean. To gauge size, wondering if anyone else here interested in getting back into Minecraft for a bit. (Plus I’m feeling nostalgic and missing some of the fun we used to have on Minecraft and ARK :smile:)

Most likely a lightly modded server (probably 1.10.2 forge version) so I can learn some of the plugin and mod-management that comes with that but not a massive FTB type thing.

Let me know if interested.

(I’d also welcome any tips from some of you who have done this before. Thanks!)


I bought the game wayyyyy back when it first came to be, never really got on the bandwagon, but I’d be willing to jump on and mess around.


I’d definitely hop on to check it out and play a bit.


I’m always down for Minecraft. You wanting straight vanilla or modded?



There are server mods for things like anti griefing where the gameplay stays vanilla. Then there are gameplay mods.




A couple server plugins like LuckyPerm, GriefPrevention and Nucleus and maybe DiscordBridge but would need @auth or any one of the Discord guru’s to help me implement that integration I think.

For mods was thinking some QoL ones and some feature ones.
Quality of Life additions:
Storage drawers
Inventory Tweaks

Expanded features/items mods:
Tinkers Construct
Immersive engineering
Pam’s HarvestCraft
Progressive automation

Debating the following (but probably not unless someone swears by these):
Applied Energistics2
Thermal Expansion, Foundation and Redstone Flux

If any thoughts for or against some of those, especially the Applied Energistics or whole Thermal Expansion suite (4-5 plugins to fully implement it I think), let me know.


I would look at Ender IO, that is a great mod, refined storage is easier to use than applied energistics I think. Not sure though, both are good mods. Not sure if I’ve ever used immersive engineering, there are usually better power gen options.

Trying to remember what other good mods are out there, Flux, botania, blood magic, iron backpacks, tiny progressions, extra utilities, simply jetpacks.

There are so many good mods that you’re mod list can get real long real fast.


@ghosthog, as far as mods go, FTB has always set the standard, IMO, of having compatible mod packs that add a lot to the game, so that’d be something to gander at if you don’t want to have to worry about resolving modpack conflicts or making sure you know which packs play well with one another. In particular, the Driewolf20 pack is always quite well-done, as is their catch-all (which appears to be called Revelations this go around).


The direwolf20 pack is solid. I’ve played a bit of it, lots of options to play with.


Mod list for the pack can be found here…



Yea the FTB ones are nice, they’re just big (lots of mods) for the most part. I’ve played with them on my own but was trying to simplify for a group server (kind of aiming for a pick n choose FTB lite).


I love me some minecraft :3


I’m a noob. I played it as it was already on my pc - guess microsoft automatically install it? I had no idea what I was meant to do so I stopped playing after a few mins lol