Minecraft: How's your build going?



Mine’s going pretty well. Not a lot of automation right now, but the shell is coming along nicely.


I always forget what texture pack that is, mind sharing?


That looks really good.


My exterior is done. I always procrastinate on interiors. They take so many different pieces.




@MrSavage bravo on your character skin. I love it!


Thanks! I was stoked when I found it!


I stumbled across this beauty last night. You’re my neighbor :smile:


Oh, neat! I’m at 291, 854. Where are you at? I made a path leading from the Titan post to my area. The build is very basic. I came up with the facade quick in creative locally, then grabbed the materials to build it. I normally do more complex builds, but I wasn’t sure if I’d have too much time after this weekend to play.


I think i’m at -6,799. i made the walk over to your path earlier and placed torches so i can find my way again. i think i’ll make a path like your and connect. it’ll be the road to my house.


Well I have started building Warlord Tower at 656, -493 and it is going well. I have 4 floors completed but have not built the interior design yet. I have a mine where I am gathering material on level 10 and have found 7 diamonds so far. I will be adding more floors and the work will start to be a bit unnerving as the elevation grows (last time I built this tower in single player survival I died about every other floor as I continually fell off the walls).

Please feel free to visit as there is a wilderness area post at 600 67 -598.

Oh, and here is a pic of what I have completed so far.