Minecraft [PC] 1.9 "combat update" released!



So the new 1.9 update for Minecraft was finally released! Here is some of the new things that are in the new 1.9 update called The combat update! For a list of all of the new features you can go to the Minecraft wiki here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.9

Random additions


  • New “attack strength” combat mechanic
  • A meter shows up after switching items or attacking
  • Damage done depends on the fullness of the meter, with the quadratic reduction (attack does 20%-100% of normal damage as the meter fills).
  • Fills at different rates depending on the new attack speed attribute
  • The haste effect will cause the meter to fill faster
  • Can be displayed next to the hotbar (left or right based on the player’s main hand), under the crosshair or turned off.
  • Setting can be changed in the “Options” then “Video Settings” .

Loot tables

  • All loot from mobs, dungeon chests, etc. is now based on loot tables, excluding block drops.
  • Loot tables can be changed by mapmakers by adding a json file within the WORLD/data/loot_tables folder.


  • Subtitles which display for each sound for the hard of hearing/deaf.
  • Mobs have individualized subtitle, for example “Creeper hissing” and are displayed along with “<” or “>” points in the direction the sound is coming from.

Dominant hand option

  • An option for players to change their dominant hand on their player model.
  • to change this option you can find it under the “Skin Customization” area in the settings within Minecraft.

Dual wielding

  • Players can use both hands to preform different actions using the left and right mouse buttons.

  • For example, if a player has a pickaxe in their main hand and a torch in their other hand, right clicking will place the torch. This is because a pickaxe lacks a right click use, and therefore the game tries to then treat the other item as if it’s being right clicked.

  • This is achieved by adding an additional inventory slot called the “offhand” slot.

  • By pressing the default key “F” will switch whatever item is selected in the hotbar with the item in the offhand.

  • The offhand slot is displayed next to the hotbar when it’s not empty (left for right-hand players and vice versa).

Bosses Health Bar

  • Proper support for multiplee bosses’ health bars, so they can show at the same time without obstructing each other.

Player height

  • When crouching, players are 1.65 blocks tall versus 1.8 blocks normally.
  • When flying with elytra, players are now only 0.6 blocks tall.


  • Overlay layers (hat, jacket, sleaves, and pants) now work with semitransparent pixels.


  • Overpowered achievement description changed from "Build to “Eat” a golden apple because you can no longer craft a Notch golden apple/Enchanted golden apple. (Whatever you wanna call it)


  • Health regenerates faster when saturation is not empty and the player is not hungry.


  • Renaming an item does not increase the repair cost for a future repair/rename anymore.


  • Will now drop the items placed in them and will keep the item in the beacon after reloading the world.
  • Effect duration depends on thee pyramid levels, 9 seconds plus 2 seconds per level (formerly a constant 9 seconds).

Brewing Stand

  • Requires blaze powder to be able to use
  • One piece of blaze powder allows for 20 ingredients to be brewed in the brewing stand.

Hay Bale

  • Falling onto a hay bale does only 20% of normal fall damage.

“Treasure” Enchants

These enchants can only be obtained from chest loot, fishing, or trading with villagers.

Frost walker

  • turns water into meltable ice which decays over time in multiple stages.
  • Doesn’t work on flowing water.


  • Any experience collected while holding the item repairs it instead of going to the experience bar.
  • Mainhand, offhand, and armor slots all count as held.
  • If multiple “held” items have the enchantment, one will be chosen at random for each experience orb collected.
  • Repairs the item at a rate of 2 durability per experience orb.
  • If the amount of repair needed is less than the value of the experience orb, the extra experience will go to the experience bar.

Status Effects


  • Received when players or mobs are hit by a spectral arrow.
  • Makes player’s/mob’s outline glow, even through non-transparent blocks.
  • It becomes colored differently if the player is part of a team to match its team color.


  • Received when the player or mob is hit by shulker projectiles.
  • Makes player involuntarily float high into the air.

Luck and Bad Luck

(I’m still not 100% sure what this is suppose to do… the wiki says “Increases/Decreases the luck attribute by ±1 per level” I believe it’s suppose to give you more luck/bad luck when you fish? But I’m not sure if it does more or not)

World Generation

The End

  • Generates many islands in every direction from the main island, though separated by a gap of about 1,000 blocks.
  • Mini islands generate between the center and main islands.
  • End islands and mini end islands (except for the main one) will have chorus trees spread throughout them, as well as end cities with end ships.

End City

  • Generates on the new outer end islands.
  • Dungeon-type structure fashioned like a branching tower made of endstone and many of the new blocks.
  • Resembles a tree house.
  • Contains loot inside of chests.
  • Generates with shulkers in it.

End Ship

  • Sometimes generates up in the air next to the end city dungeon.
  • Generates with shulkers in it.
  • Has a dragon head, a brewing stand with potions of healing, a pair of elytra within an item frame, and other various loot.

End Gateway

  • It is generated in a radius around the main portal each time the dragon is killed.
  • Up to 20 gateways can be generated this way.
  • it is the usual way of traveling to the outer end islands, without having to build or fly.
    *Since the bedrock only leave a one block slit on the horizontal plane, it is only accessible by throwing ender pearls at it, or by riding pigs, boats, or minecarts.


Dragon Head

  • While a player wears the head and moves, the head’s mouth opens and closes repeatedly.
  • When powered with redstone while it’s placed on a solid block, the mouth starts to open and close.
  • Generatese on the bows of end ships.

End Rod

  • Generates in the end city dungeons.
  • Can be crafted using a popped chorus fruit in the bottom and a blaze rod on top, yielding four end rods.
  • Can be placed horizontally and vertically.
  • Used as a lighting source with the same brightness as a torch.
  • Unlike torches, they are tangible.

Grass Path

  • They are 15 pixels high, just like soulsand.
  • Obtainable by right-clicking grass blocks with a shovel.
  • This uses the shovel’s durability.
  • Always drops dirt, even when using silk touch.



  • Restores 1/2 a hunger bar.
  • Spawns naturally in villages.
  • Can be used to craft beetroot soup and rose red dye.

Beetroot Soup

  • Restores 3 hunger bars.
  • Crafted from 6 beetroots and a bowl.

Chorus Fruit

  • Heals 2 hunger bars.
  • Obtained from chorus plants.
  • Can be eaten even if the player is not hungry, similar to golden apples.
  • Teleports the player to a random nearby location when eaten similar to endermen.
  • It has a cool down time every time they are eaten, like ender pearls.
  • The cool down is visible in the item icon through a “rolling curtain” animation.



  • Functions similar to a hang glider.
  • You don’t receive fall damage if you fall from a small height while flying slowly (not nose-diving).
  • Still receive fall damage if you nose-dive direction into the ground.
  • Recieve damage from horizontal collisions, new death message: “Player experienced kinetic energy”.
  • Have to be equipped in the “chestplate” slot in order to work.
  • Will activate when the Jump key (Space by default) is pressed when in mid-air.
  • Have 431 uses (over 7 miuntes of flying) and can be repaired on an anvil, using 4 leather to repair it totally.
  • Can be given the Unbreaking enchantment using an anvil.
  • Legs will make a “walking movement” animation when you are stalling in the air.
  • Similar to the Wing Cap item from Super Mario 64.
  • Found on End Ships within an item frame.
  • Wings fold while not gliding.
  • The elytra texture defaults to the cape texture if the player owns a cape.
  • The cape does not display while wearing.
  • The Cape option in the Skin Customization menu will synchronize with the Elytra Texture.
  • Takes damage at a rate of 1/s

End Crystal

  • Can be crafted using an eye of ender in the middle, a ghast tear on the bottom and 7 glass blocks in the remaining squares.
  • Can only be placed on obsidian or bedrock blocks.
  • Can not be placed in adventure mode.
  • Has no bottom plate like “normal” end crystals. (The ones you see in the end that you have to destroy while fighting the ender dragon)
  • Used on the exit portal in the end to respawn the dragon.
  • Can only be destroyed by wither explosions.


  • Crafted using 6 planks and one iron ingot.
  • The default texture looks like wood.
  • New tool used for blocking incoming attacks.
  • The swords “blocking” feature was removed.
  • IF the player holds right click while being attacked, the damage inflicted is reduced , and the shield loses durability.
  • This works when the shield is either in the main hand or in the offhand.
  • When an attack is blocked by a shield, the attacker may be knocked back.
  • The player cannot attack while blocking.
  • Can be combined with banners to transfer its pattern to the shield.

Tipped Arrow

  • A new type of arrow that can be tipped with potions.
  • 15 new arrow types in total.
  • Corresponding status effect is applied upon impact to mobs and players.
  • Tipped arrows can be customized with commands.
  • Crafted by 8 arrows surrounding a lingering potion of that type, yielding 8 of them.
  • For effects with duration, the duration is 1/8 that of the corresponding potion.

Spectral Arrow

  • A new type of arrow that shows mobs and players outlines in their respective team color when hit even if they are invisible.
  • Crafted by surrounding an arrow with 4 glowstone dust and yields 2 spectral arrows.



  • Short of “Shell Lurker”.
  • A hostile mob with the appearance of some behavior of a solid purple block.
  • Only spawns on the ground or at the walls of the end cities when they first generate.
  • Does not depsawn in Peaceful, but will not attack or target players.
  • When attacking, it opens its shell on a spinning animation revealing the creature inhabiting.
  • Its attack consits of shooting projectiles with the appearance of white sea urchins.
  • The projectiles chase the player until he/she is out of range.
  • Getting hit by a projectile causes 1 heart of damage and inflicts the levitation status effect causing the player to levitate until the status wears off causing the player to drop back down to the ground.
  • The projectiles can only move along one of the three grid axes at a time and on integer steps.
  • Shulkers take more damage if they are attacked while their shell is open.
  • It has an idle animation where it opens its shell a little to peek through.
  • Shulkers can be pushed by pistons and resists being placed on any position that ins’t 3 integers (except if they are riding minecarts)
  • It sometimes teleports like an enderman while being attack.
  • It always teleports if you remove it’s support block, or by pushing it into a non-air block except piston heads.


Woah, that is a huge update. Are they always so extensive?


They make major updates like this every so often… the last major update was 1.8 which was released September 2, 2014. The main updates (1.5, 1.6, 1,7, and so on) are the updates where they actually add stuff to the game instead of just fixing bugs.


For the curious, we will look at rolling the Strats server forward to 1.9 once spigot and our important plugins get updated :wink:


maaaaan, I open many of the new topics in new tabs simultaneously and thought this was the hololens one for like 5 paragraphs… totally confused. Anyway, this is cool, might have to jump back in for a while :slight_smile:


What a great update. I know they have been working on it for some time, but they really did a lot.


If you are restarting the map, can I get a copy of it? I have been working kind of hard on a project out in the middle of nowhere.


We won’t restart the map on update; the only major world gen changes were to The End, so I’ll just reload that area and call it good :wink:


Yeah, this is one of my favorite updates in a while. There is a lot that I don’t like but I can over look it. They just needed to add more redstone stuff in this update to make me even happier. lol