Minecraft- Semi Automatic Brewing

I have managed to make a semi automatic brewing stand by taking and using a couple of hoppers to load water bottles automatically from a chest and load reagents. The tricky part is the reagents. You need to load them in order from left to right or you can hose a potion.

I can set it and come back to a set of potions (sometimes four or five steps) without too much effort.


H    CC
|     |
BS - H

H= hopper
C= Chest
BS= Brewing stand

I tried auto unloading but it just cycles the water bottles, sadly.

Have you considered using droppers? In theory, you could have them fire in succession using repeaters.

For the unloading?
I had not.

I was thinking droppers as apposed to hoppers. To be honest I’m not familiar with the brewing process. Based on your explanation, it seemed to me that the chest had to be loaded in a certain pattern to get the reagents to the stand in the correct order. I would assume you could load droppers with the ingredients and and time their admission with repeaters.

Well the chest is just bottles of water. The reagent hopper lets me just auto brew the potion as I set it up. I don’t think I want a fully automated brew, since I’m mostly making small batches of stuff I use.

Fair enough. I’ve been working with Redstone so much that I have been trying to automate everything. Not sure if that is good or bad yet.

So, I saw this, and decided to make an automatic potion brewing stand, and so I have, sort of…
You can only make one batch of potions at a time, but its fully automatic and does not just cycle the water bottles. Also, its fairly complected and not that small (takes up 9 wide, 6 deep, and 5 high, and that’s only my configuration) if you want to see it, ask and ill upload some screen shots (enough to recreate the contraption).

Compact design is now 7 wide, 4 deep, and 4 high, I’m still working to make it smaller, but it’s unlikely to do so.