Minecraft server offline for a bit



Just a heads up, the server has been having some major issues, so it’s going to be down for a little while while I work with the hosting company and dig through the logs to figure out WTF is wrong. The world isn’t corrupt and everything still exists, it just doesn’t want to play nice for more than a couple hours anymore and we don’t know why. I’ll update this thread when I know more :wink:


Good timing since I’ll be in fallout for awhile.


I was just getting back into the server bad timing for me. lol Good time to get back into modded though! :stuck_out_tongue:


OK folks, the Minecraft server is back up for stability testing. It’s been updated to 1.8.8, but you don’t have to make any adjustments on your end (though it is optional, it should be noted that it’s also not a bad idea to do so). I can’t promise it won’t crash, but I’ve got a complete local backup on my computer so that if I break something tinkering with it we won’t lose all our hard work :wink:


I’m cautiously-optimistic that things are going to be fine for the server. So far it’s been up almost 36hrs with no crash (previously it was tanking every 3-4 hours), so I think we’ve resolved the issue (or, at the very least, made some serious progress). Feel free to start playing again and someone let me know this time if it breaks or is offline :wink: