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We’ve installed a few plugins on the server to help keep things civil and prevent griefing as much as possible. As an added bonus, there are a few new features that exist. We chose these particular plugins because they are easy on resources and do a lot of preventative work without having to go back and do a lot of cleaning up following a griefer.

##Grief Prevention

Grief Prevention is a plugin that adds a laundry-list of preventative measures that basically eliminate griefing. The above video gives you the most important information you need as a player: an explanation of the Land Trust system implemented on the server to protect your stuff. There are a ton of other things the plugin does (for example, above sea level Creepers will not destroy blocks, liquids can’t placed outside your claim, and fire doesn’t spread or burn blocks); a full list of everything the plugin does (for the curious) can be found here.

##Population Density

Population Density is a plugin that adds additional spawn point mechanics to ensure all the players in a world aren’t bunched up on top of one another, and also enable quick travel either back to your home or to a friend’s home to visit. The above video explained the new Region Posts it added as well as went over the commands. A link to the full plugin description (for those curious) can be found here.

##Anti X-Ray

Anti X-Ray is a small plugin that prevents people from cheating to find all the emeralds and diamonds. It’s highly unlikely anyone will encounter any issues with it through normal play :wink:

ColorMOTD was installed to expand our MOTD capabilities. We now have the Strats ‘S’ as the server icon along with a new and improved MOTD. There is also a MOTD displayed when you log into the server. Video reference isn’t really needed for this one; a link to the full plugin description (for those curious) can be found here.

##Administration Panel
Administration Panel was installed for one major reason: it makes the process of administrating a bit easier. There are a few additional functions added, but the GUI it provides is outstanding and will aid myself and future OPs, providing us an easy interface to utilize rather than having to memorize and manually execute all the commands. Video reference isn’t overly-necessary as the functionality is only available to OPs; a link to the full plugin description (for those curious) can be found here.

#Wrapping up
If at any point you want to discuss with me the 5 w’s on this or have a recommendation for an addition/change, feel free to post it here, talk with me on Mumble, or PM me through the forums. I hope this was enlightening to the curious and an adequate explanation for everyone else :wink:

Auth (Ninja_Ducky)

[Minecraft] Strats' Minecraft Server [PC] (PVE)

@Auth how do we go about naming a region. Iv tryed using /Name Region but don’t have permission.