Minecraft Server Woes (Important Read)



Welp, in an effort to test everything for the event this weekend, I ran into a hitch. Through a series of unfortunate events, when I brought the main server back online it decided to eat everyone’s land claims (it also ate the whitelist, but that was an easy fix ;)). Currently none of your property is secure and it will take a bit of effort on each of you to correct this; here’s how:

1. Go reclaim your land

It’s almost that easy (more on this in a moment). I will provide gold shovels to anyone who needs one from my personal gold supply. Thankfully, the server does remember how many land claim blocks you had earned and has refunded the ones for the claims it forgot. However, to finish reclaiming your land you’re going to have to…

##2. Dig to bedrock
…or as deep as you had in any given claim. Land claims only go a few blocks deep until you dig your way down within them. In order to get your claims as deep as they’d previously been, you’re going to have to establish them and then dig down in each of them. One quasi-easy method for this is to fill a ladder shaft or staircase with dirt from bottom to top then dig your way back down.

Until you do this, your pistons aren’t going to function properly and your chests are free to whomever wants to take a peek. To prevent any looting I am implementing 3 measures:

  1. I am installing a new plugin that will monitor and log all activity for each player on the server. I will not leave this running after this mess is cleaned up.

  2. Anyone caught stealing from another player during this debacle will be permanently banned. Period. No discussions, no apologies. You all know what territory is yours and what chests and gear belong to you; please be respectful of one another.

  3. Until sometime next week (exact date TBD), we will not be whitelisting any new users to allow everyone adequate time to secure their territory again (this includes members within Strats currently and new recruits). I’m not happy about closing the gates temporarily, but I don’t want anyone’s hard work to fall victim to looting/trolling/etc. When the vast majority of users have replaced their land claims, we will reopen whitelisting.

I’d like to apologize personally for the inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause some of you; the server was kind enough to eat my backup of the land claims when I reloaded it (more accurately, it overwrote the whole folder) and I did not have a local backup of that folder on my computer. I’ve been up all night (currently 0600) and have found a work-around to avoid this ever happening again, but I cannot undo the damage already done.

All administrative land claims (Stripmine and Stratsopolis) are back up and should be set correctly; let me know if there’s a problem.

##–Please post here when you have reclaimed your land so I know when we can reopen whitelisting–

Whitelisting has been reopened, if you have not secured your plot over the last week it’s on you if something goes missing :wink:


State of the Server (22 Feb)
State of the Server (1 Mar)


I have my base claimed again. Thanks for the heads up, stuff happens.

My city land claim won’t let me build there, you can get to that when you have time. No hurry.


Mistakes were made.


done! Sorry to hear about the fall down go boom part of maintenance


Land reclaim and ready for the newbies to join


More like “poor coding in the plugin;” I’m putting to gether a report to the plugin manager so it can be addressed. The land claims folder gets wiped every time the map cycles which either shouldn’t happen or should have a toggle to prevent it from happening, neither of which are true.


Land claimed


Land claimed


Bumping this to remind everyone to reclaim their land if you haven’t already; I will be reopening the whitelist tomorrow afternoon to new users again.


Sorry I forgot to say got mines.


Claimed mine too


Right then, whitelisting is officially back open; if you didn’t secure your plot this week, it’s on you :wink: