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All easily done, aside from the auth servers. Auth is done with MC actual.

Since strats is a console based community, the changes that would need to happen to support permissions outside the general community would be more trouble then they are worth and wouldn’t really be a value added transaction.

For most games you would need to be able to export user account data is a couple ways:

Permission Level
Game Name

Which would mean adding a system of exporting the forum username DB and filtering that DB down by players of the game.


we have 10 members
5 play MC
5 play Call of grand theft Destiny 5

You don’t really care to export the 5 that play Call of grand theft Destiny 5 for a permissions system relating to MC because they don’t have login details stored on the strats DB. To build a permissions system you would need a couple things and one of those things would be the actual account data for MC.

To chop this into a to do list:

Game Accounts added to Strats profiles (MC, PSN, XBL…ect)
Filters for an export function
An Export function.


We’re not, really. We play whatever works. Some of our most active people play exclusively PC titles and in fact most notably @AiKiller basically only plays Minecraft even.

Regarding the other parts of the post, I’m not really sure what you’re speccing out here. What I was referring to was just authentication against our user database for the Minecraft server as well as some other fun stuff like interacting with the Twitch bot somehow.

Works fine for a twitch bot, but how do you connect twitch bot to user name?

My guess would be you take the original user DB and then create some pointer that establishes a connection between forum name and then name on twitch.

Same would have to occur for MC, you COULD have your forum name and your MC login be the same but in the off chance that they are different you need to establish a connection between forum name and MC login.

Isn’t your MC login based on that particular server’s permissions? Or are you connecting to some central MC authentication server first?

Central Auth, then from there each server has its own permission system based on the central auth.

to double reply:

Essentially what I would do if I was re-starting the MC server.

That would give me a good basis for building and maintaining a permanent server because I would have a permissions system that allowed guests to enter the server and look around but not alter things. More permanent the forum level the higher the rights on the server, with the rights to admin going to forum mods.

To do something like this I would want / need to procur a couple systems, one would involve pulling user data on a semi-regular basis and the other would be the additional account data on the fourms based on game.

What do you mean by systems? Would these have to be different servers? That seems like a lot of horsepower for something that shouldn’t be that intensive.

Why does it matter what game they play? There’s no reason anyone needs to specify that they play MineCraft. They should just be able to sign in using their forum credentials if they want to. We can add a field in the database for mc_username or whatever it is.

We have an API that is available. Also @therubymug is working on a more robust SSO that would be hosted outside of the forum server but that this server would use. Other services, like this MC server could use it as well. I would research specifically using “SSO” for a MC server.

Log into Steam using your forum credentials.

That is the best way I can explain all this…

Well, I am assuming we wouldn’t be connecting TO Minecraft but rather using Minecraft to verify identity. So using the Steam analogy, I would have the Strats user verify their Steam identify using Steam’s OpenID authentication API.


As far as I am aware, permission systems uses MClogin to provide data.

Think being VAC (the valve account system for anti cheating) banned. The data is hard tied to your account.

VAC == MClogin.

You need a way to get peoples MClogin and, as far as I am aware, there isn’t a pull system in place to have strats connect to a MClogin API.

Thus you would need another system where people in the community can place games on their own profile and then another system that enables mods to export that data for an addon to interpret.

Super interested in the auth server?


Maybe the answer is in there, it is FAR beyond me.

Ah cool, thanks. This might be it. I’ll look through it tonight.

After reading the link I mentioned, that info only has to deal with a launcher.

Either way you would have to do something in order to bind identifiers from third party to an identifier here. I mean this makes sense right?

Facebook login and Forum Name – Two totally different things possibly.

On Strats you are XxXDickSmasherXxX on Facebook you are Bob bobbington.

How are you currently handing this? I would assume by using a key handed to you by facebook in a DB field such that when it receives key 9182734123984883 it knows “Hey Bob just logged into facebook auth and here was the proof.”

AS FAR AS I AM AWARE, minecraft doesn’t have this. You can’t create a SSO for MC.

Does this answer it better? If not jump on mumble and i’ll be on for maybe another hour.

Yeah we associate it with your account so yes we would need to do something similar. I’m just trying to figure out how to do it programmatically rather than a manual text field that a user has to type in (correctly). You also get a payload along with an Oauth type connect like we use with Facebook, Twitter, etc. From your link, MC brings with it your username and some other profile data.

I’ve seen people use the system for creating launchers but pulling that train of thought we would have to STILL make a field…it just wouldn’t be a readily user-editable field.

It would also need to be a launcher of sorts if i am reading that right.

Honestly buy minecraft you cheap ass, you’ll see what I am saying LOL.

Again, I feel this has no traction. I can’t make a SSO because I don’t have the time needed to gain the expertise level you would expect / require.

The payoff to such a time investment would be an engagement of 0.5-2% of the total community currently (about 5 - 20 people). Unless we started hardcore advertising our community on MC hosting sites, which I have no desire to spearhead, the payoff wouldn’t be worth your time and there are more desired community tools that people have been looking for over something as mundane as a SSO for Minecraft.