Minecraft streaming via OBS

@AiKiller (or anyone of you smart OBS/MC persons) I have been pulling my hair out trying to get Minecraft to work with my OBS. Is there a trade secrect that I’m missing? Full disclosure, I have not dug into this topic via Google, yet. I was hoping you might have a quick solution.

I’m running a i7 with 16 gigs of ram on a Windows 8.1 platform.

The problem is that when I launch the preview of my stream Minecraft crashes.

Thanks in advance.

Mmm never had an issue with it, are you using game capture or window capture?

What mine looks like

I tried both. The only difference between yours and mine is the version. I’m running 7.10 because of the Strats server.

Sorry had to bail earlier because AT&T Issues.

Did you ever get this solved?

Are you making sure to hook the game and not the client?

I’ll work on it a bit more tonight. I’m pretty sure I’m hooking the right app, but I’ll double check.

I’m going to be streaming this evening as well, so if you run into any issues or want to see how it’s done you can check mine out :wink:

I reloaded my video drivers and the problems were solved. Thanks for the assists.

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