Mini Review: Anthem




Overall it’s fun. It’s a standard (extremely pretty) TPS so it’s good brainless entertainment. Basic movement and aiming controls are awful; moving around during combat or flying feels very clunky; I’m constantly fighting to aim at what I intend to. This isn’t helped by the deliberate camera shake and the lag which makes it hard to aim any skills. Needs way more optimisation. It says I’m getting 70fps but it feels more like 25 most of the time. It may be the servers rather than the graphics. I get huge stutters during combat where I can’t move my reticule. AI is non-existent, combat is mostly running around looking for people to shoot at who are standing still not doing anything.

Status: Retire
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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I hear it feels much better with a controller which is likely what the game was designed for.


Yeah I heard the same, but it’s a game about shooting things so a mouse and keyboard is required.


Confirmed - feels 10x better on a controller; the framerate even feels smoother. Still primarily a shooting game though, so not great.


As an Interceptor main who’s really enjoying Anthem, my big complaint is the particle effect clusterfuck that being in melee can be when your team is focusing targets down. Literally just trying to keep health bars on screen and hoping; I am nowhere to be found in the chaos.