Mini Review: Assassin's Creed Syndicate




I wasn’t expecting to ever like an AC game more than Black Flag but I think this one has actually done it. Most of the issues I had with Rogue and Unity have been fixed, loads of improvements have been added. Industrial London is a fantastic and immersive place to explore and the gameplay is loads of fun. This time I actually understood the story and thought it was pretty well done; meeting lots of famous characters of the era along the way. Carriages and the hookshot add much needed new movement tools, cover mechanics are a lot smoother. Excellent all round.

I really didn’t think they’d be able to top Black Flag but I was pleasantly surprised by this. I even decided to try and do EVERYTHING. After 40 hours, I’ve just had to stop that as there is SO much stuff to do. I’ve got about 80% completion, but I think this time round there are just way too many collectables. Seriously, aside from the actual missions, there are 680 things to pick up from the map.

In terms of performance, this one is still pretty much the same as the others; its quite pretty but it’s badly optimised. I have a GTX1080 and the only way to get more than 60fps was to put things on a mix between High and Very High. Everything turned on ran at about 45fps. There are also frequent freezes while riding carriages (possibly because the game has to load assets more frequently?), and the game crashed about 6 times in my 40 hours.

This time round, there are only 3 kinds of weapons, which is probably a good thing. No one was going in to the menu to equip two handed rifles and halberds in Unity, so it’s nicer to have a simpler choice here. They’ve also reduced the number of armour pieces you can wear.

The addition of carriages and the hookshot give you more options for getting around London, which I think is a great addition. Some people denounced the addition of a grappling hook but I think it simply makes it more fun and gives you other ways to get around and assassinate people.

Instead of being able to disguise yourself identically as someone else (which was a bit weird), you can now kidnap NPCs to walk in to restricted areas undetected, which works really well. They’ve also added the ability to dodge bullets again, and added the whistle back in - so hiding is actually functional again. Getting in to cover behind walls is also a lot smoother and happens automatically without having to do an awkward button press.

Status: Complete (42 hours)
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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The only AC title I’ve ever played is Black Flag, and while I enjoyed the pirate motif, I never really got into the game - just didn’t understand the bouncing between future/past.


I had exactly the same experience @lyteforce. Amazing pirate game with a bunch of superfluous future stuff.


I completely understand where you’re both coming from. Assassin’s Creed, like most AAA sequel games makes absolutely no effort to explain what the hell is going on for people who haven’t played every game in the series.

I’ve just started playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and the first thing it does is offer to play you a recap video of everything that happened in the first game - something I think all sequel games should have.

Thankfully in Syndicate, they’ve pretty much entirely given up on the present day sections, and there are no present day gameplay sections in this game, just a few cutscenes.