Mini Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar




A JRPG with a nice art style. The animations are good, if a little long. I enjoyed the first 10 hours or so of this one but I felt like I’d seen everything the game had to offer after 4. The environments are really pretty and the over world map works well, but it became repetitive pretty quickly and battles felt like you won by grinding levels rather than any amount of skill. I also found the menu controls pretty clunky. If you like JRPGs it’s definitely worth looking at, otherwise I think it’s a bit long as HLTB says the main quest line is 38 hours.

Status: Retire
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
Played: 13h

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I will finally have to speak up on this review.

It’s ok if you just didn’t enjoy this game. However, I feel like you didn’t give this game a fair shot. I’m not sure you could even collect all the party members in 13 hours. You certainly missed out on some of the more interesting and flashy combat skills you gain in the later levels.

The main story is long compared to current gaming standards but 38 hours is an ok number for a JRPG of the 90s, on which this game is based (Final Fantasy 6 is a similar length).

I am certainly biased because I played several of the 90s JRPGs, love JoeMad’s artwork, collected the Battle Chasers comics, and also crowdfunded this game.


Thanks for the reply teh_ninjaneer - appreciate your feedback.

Whilst there might still be more to the game like more characters and abilities; that’s effectively more of something that already exists - and 13 hours is a long time to invest in something that you’re not enjoying, so I think I’ve given it a fair shot.

I might come back to it at some point, but I just found myself pressing buttons and not at all involved in it so decided to drop it for now. The environments and the exploration zones are awesome, just not a big fan of the combat.


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I gave this game a try. And I didn’t like it at first. Felt like it was too much on rails, and that the roles were too restrictive. Which is fine if you like very narrative centric JRPGs I guess, but from a gameplay standpoint it felt very rigid. But, I gave it a second try when it came discounted on Steam, and I was like hey, replay value on the dungeons is really limited, but ynow, once you put some hours in your options start to open up, and the skill system is not as useless as I thought the first time around, and I was enjoying it. But then the game threw this incredibly, infuriatingly cheap, gimmicky, meta heavy fight on this (admittedly, somewhat optative) encounter and I realized that when BC:NW wants to make it challenging it doesn’t present you with a tense situation where you gotta play it smart, but with a paint-by-numbers, almost DDR set of actions that you need to perform perfectly, RNJesus willing. So I uninstalled and don’t think I’ll ever touch it again.

The characters are fun, the graphics are nice, the combat system is somewhat innovative, the mechanics are deeper than what one would give them credit for at first glance, but the execution is simply not satisfactory for me.