Mini Review: Broforce




2D over the top twitchy platformer. I wasn’t surprised to see it’s from the same developer as Hotline Miami; where progress is made by repeatedly smashing your character in to a wall, reloading again and again until you do everything right. You play a cast of random characters from Hollywood movies with pun names based on “Bro” (Rambro, Bro Hard, Bro Dredd etc). Every time you die or rescue someone your character changes to one of about 40 with different abilities. They all have different abilities; some are bad at boss fights so it’s pot luck that you get the right character for the situation. Most levels are much easier if you just ignore all the enemies and sprint straight for the exit.

Status: Completed in 5 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Damn, never thought to do that.