Mini Review: Days Gone



This is what happens when you want to capitalise on the success of The Last of Us and the popularity of open world games, then add a core vehicle mechanic from Mad Max. Entertaining enough, but let down by fairly large flaws in optimisation, UI, usability and mechanics.


  • Bike controls are horrible
  • Aiming says it has auto aim and aim track, but it rarely works
  • Bad UI for crafting and weapon switching
  • The animations are so bad they’re entertaining - especially coming from something like RDR2. Looting things and interacting with objects is Deacon wildly waving his arms somewhere in the general direction of the object
  • That being said, melee combat is actually pretty good in terms of animations; hits connect with bodies and you can dodgeroll effectively. Just as well really, because the ranged weapon aiming is awful
  • Trying to close doors from inside will often teleport you outside after closing the door. Less than useful when you’re trying to close all the doors on a safe house to keep a zombie horde out
  • Everything in crafting uses scrap, but you can only carry 10
  • Weapon durability and fuel consumption rates are ridiculous. Most weapons last one fight, and take 6 out of your max 10 scrap to repair
  • May change in the later zones, but certainly in the forest there’s not enough room to ride a motorbike. Especially with how bad the handling is
  • Pretty, but FPS while riding the bike is about 20

Status: Backlog
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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