Mini Review: EVERSPACE




Really enjoyable roguelite space dogfighter. It’s gorgeous, runs really smoothly and the controls are great. You work your way through sectors, killing increasingly difficult enemy ships, looting wrecks and searching for upgrades and materials. Considering it’s a roguelite, the story is actually pretty decent and I enjoyed getting to the next sector to see the cut scene. Generally suffers from the core mechanics - shoot, loot, die, upgrade repeat with incremental ship upgrades between runs. I managed to beat the game on easy in 10 runs; final run took 2 hours. I can also highly recommend the Encounters expansion which adds voiced NPCs and quests, bringing the universe to life.

Status: Completed in 20 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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All of the following screenshots were taken by me in my own game through the screenshot mode. Pretty!


Thanks for this review. I’ve had my eye on it as it’s sounded interesting.


Definitely worth playing. It works well as a roguelite, I just would have personally preferred it to be a single universe. Generally I think people make roguelites because it’s cheaper and easier to make a small set of randomised levels instead of hand crafting a large one.