Mini Review: For The King




While I usually dislike “roguelikes” (whatever the term is, no one’s really sure), this doesn’t qualify in the normal sense. One game can take 10 hours, and the only unlockables are a few characters and weapons. Most of the mechanics are nice, although anything above easy will flatten you and needs balancing. Also dislike the chaos timer which forces you to prioritise it above everything else.

Status: Early Access
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Yeah, what I mean is that practically every game in that genre now tags itself as both “rogulike” and “roguelite”; they seem to think they’re interchangeable.


I like the looks of it. However, I don’t know how much I’d like the timer/RNG combo, and looking at the Steam reviews it’s a game best enjoyed in multiplayer and I tend to play by myself. Bit on the fence.


I actually think multiplayer adds nothing significant to the game, sadly, as you have the same gear, characters, etc. whether playing solo or multiplayer. A buddy of mine and I picked this up when it first dropped and both felt like the multiplayer needed work to make it a unique experience rather than being 2 or 3 people playing the same game that could have been played solo. The only advantage it creates is more people “helping” make decisions (which can be as much a disadvantage as an advantage, honestly).


Yeah @Auth is right; I played the first game through on the couch with my other half, and it added nothing to the gameplay other than talking about our decisions and where to go next. All that changes is that the other person controls 1/2 of the other characters in the party