Mini Review: Hades


Hades is the most recent sell-out to Epic Games’ shady practice of buying exclusivity to try and garner people to their awful platform. There, that out of the way - Hades is a pretty excellent roguelike. You play as Prince Zagreus (Hades’ son) and you’ve decided to leave the underworld. This manifests itself as a run-die-repeat gameplay mechanic with incremental upgrades using currency from each failed run. Each room you enter is different every time, and filled with increasingly more difficult enemies. The gameplay is hard and heavily focuses on dodging and awareness. Animations are top-notch and the gameplay is really fluid.


  • The gameplay here is incredibly similar to Bastion, probably running on the same engine.
  • The weapons you unlock are varied and encourage different play-styles. Weapons also have alternate fire modes, and each can be upgraded separately so you could play as a main attack sword, or an alternative fire bow for example
  • Each room you can gain health, money to spend on upgrades that last this run, darkness to spend on permanent upgrades, or a buff from a Greek god
  • The buffs you can gain from the deities can wildly alter play-style, and can make you feel more powerful

Only complaint at this stage is the difficultly curve; I had no issue with most of the game but when I reached the final boss, it took a lot of runs and experimenting to take it down. I eventually beat it using the most recently ranged weapon I’d unlocked, the “The Adamant Rail”, effectively a machine gun and grenade launcher which compensates for it’s overpoweredness by having to reload. One of the upgrades I picked up stopped me having to reload, and I buffed my grenades to 250% damage, and I could fire 3 instead of just one, so I felt like I cheesed the last boss by just chucking grenades at him and running away.

I completed it 13 attempts - although there’s going to be more levels and more bosses to get through at full release.

Status: Completed in about 5 hours (Epic doesn’t track “played time”, surprise surprise)
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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I’m pretty sure that Hades was one of the initial games when the Epic Store first launched.

And the site really isn’t that bad.

You’re right - Hades was one of the initial sell-outs. Just most recent to me.

Not that bad, you know aside from all the things it’s missing…

  • Played Time
  • Full UI (tagging, filtering, categories, top selling, wishlists, recommended games, discovery queue)
  • Community features (friends list, chat, game invites, groups)
  • User reviews
  • Patch notes
  • Play stats
  • Steam Link
  • Automatic refunds
  • Cloud saves
  • Achievements
  • Cards & a marketplace
  • Screenshot manager
  • An API
  • An overlay
  • Gift cards
  • Workshop content & mod support

Love that you squeezed Steam Link in there!! Too true, too true :clinking_glasses:

@Endalrin :cricket_bat_and_ball: :skull: :horse:

I’m so happy to see developers turning down EPIC now that gamers are being quite vocal about their displeasure with the exclusivity shenanigans.