Mini Review: Just Cause 3




This game is ridiculous in a good way. You can’t beat pulling down a military base using grappling hooks & mini nukes. The mobility is great, being able to fly with a wingsuit and grappling hook is beautiful and it’s just all round stupidly fun. Only a few negatives; the main story missions are kind of average, you frequently get overwhelmed with enemies and aren’t sure where you’re being fired at from, and it could get a little repetitive if you did all the bases conventionally, although I wiped out half the map with a single attack chopper from 2km away which is also hugely satisfying.

Status: Completed in 37 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Nice review! I tried to play JC3 a few times. Someone bought it for me for Christmas on PS4 and I couldn’t really do that either. It’s one of those games that just lost the one-trick novelty so quickly for me.