Mini Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance




Mixed bag on this one. On the plus side, it’s set in the medieval era which is rare and very well executed. There are journal entries and codexes from real books of the era, and set in a real time period with real characters. The story is engaging and the attention to detail is fantastic. However, it could do with better optimisation - playing it on ugly settings with a 1080 to get 60+ fps. The combat is really clunky, the save system is horrible, and it’s full of bugs. I don’t mind most of those things because it’s so unique and engaging, but I would say hold off until they fix a few more of them. On the whole though I’m really impressed and look forward to more of it.

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I’ve been torn on this game.
I love the ideas of this game, and apparently the story is excellent… But as you’ve mentioned it’s a bit clunky and performance is not great.


I loved this game.
Earned a spot in my top 10 easy.

There were some bugs but after the update about a month ago, most of the worst ones were fixed as far as I could tell. They also improved the save system by including a “Save and Quit” option.

But this game EASILY has the absolute BEST combat of any medieval game ever made. It takes thought and it takes practice. Coupled with the fact that your character becomes more skilled the more you practice, it makes for a very realistic experience.

Where in most RPGs you find the early combat encounters to be the easiest, KCD is the exact opposite. When you start out you have no real training at arms and even the wimpiest of bandits can seem like an expert in comparison.

There was so much about this game that was absolutely excellent that it wasn’t at all hard for me to overlook a few bugs. The only one that was terrible IMO was the stairs. Sometimes stairs just don’t work, like there is an invisible wall. (AFAIK this is still not fixed)

But please do take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. I have always loved historical arms and armor, as well as historical combat. I am even a hobbyist blacksmith in my spare time, so this game checked many of my boxes that other people might not have.

Just my take on the game.