Mini Review: Mad Max




Post apocalyptic Far Cry where everyone is obsessed with cars. Gollum has left Middle Earth, found religion and become a mechanic. Open world objectives are addictive (but extremely repetitive), the car physics and upgrades are great, and it’s extremely pretty. The characters are ridiculous & hard to associate with. The story makes no sense & could have done with being about 10 hours shorter.

Status: Completed in 34 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: (3.5)

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whats the max number of cookies?
and i am confused about how something you completed in 6.5 hours needs to be 10 hours shorter? :wink: :heart:


I too would like to know how you managed that, and are you willing to share your time-compression technology with me?


Oops, forgot to change the hours from the template I copied for this one! Fixed. Game took me 34 hours to finish. Cookies are 1-5