Mini Review: RAGE




Made by iD, published by Bethesda, 7 hours long. Really rough round the edges. You wake up and are immediately rescued by John Goodman who sends you out to get milk, then you get recruited by ‘The Resistence’ to fight ‘The Authority’. I have no idea why. It’s not explained who The Authority are. Textures are really low, combat is jerky. Still quite enjoyable, but feels completely unfinished.

Status: Completed in 6.5 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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I think I played like 10 minutes of this once, unfortunately did absolutely nothing to grab my attention


Yeah I wouldn’t say it does anything original. The car sections made me want to play Mad Max though, which is still on my list. So that review will be up next (probably in a couple of weeks as it’s much longer)


I had/have got this. Excellent back then, simple FPS. Killing mutants in a sewer with a shotgun was fun. Driving challenges were annoying.