Mini Review: Sunless Sea



There’s a lot to like about this game, but it didn’t really hold my interest. The writing is excellent - and discovering places for the first time really has a sense of mystery and discovery. It’s a roguelike though, and discovering those places over and over again is less fun. The game is incredibly slow, including movement, combat and progress. It’s also very punishing, which is fine for some people but put me off. Making a bad decision can easily ruin a run, food and fuel are prohibitively expensive, and you can easily drift in to a zone way too high for your level. Lore and atmosphere-wise it’s fantastic, but let down by game mechanics.

Status: Retired
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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The most amazing thing about these reviews is that you have so much time for playing so many new games :slight_smile:



I do spend practically all my spare time playing video games! I was curious about your comment though, so I plugged my account in to 5117 hours in total over 10.7 years, averages about 10.6 hours a week.