Mini Review: SUPERHOT


I had this on my radar for years, but I only picked it up in VR recently and loved that version. Now I feel kind of spoilt, because the VR version is WAY better than this one. This is definitely worth playing, although I finished the whole game in an hour - so decide if it’s worth it for that length.

Compared to this version, in the VR you:

  • have full movement
  • can duck
  • can move incrementally
  • can dodge bullets like Neo
  • can hit people with objects without throwing them

The replay in real-time at the end of each level is great, but I wish it wouldn’t keep shouting SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT at me continuously all the way through.
Status: Completed in 1 hour
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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