Mini Review: The Last Of Us: Remastered




Overall an excellent experience; especially in the last few hours. It’s a little long & the gameplay is pretty repetitive, but the voice acting and story are great enough to carry it. Enjoyed it 10x more after putting it on easy & enabling auto aim, because controllers for guns are terrible.

Status: Completed in about 25 hours (At a guess. PS4 doesn’t have playtime stats, wtf?)
Platform: PlayStation 4
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Also an incredibly satisfying multiplayer mode.


Yeah the multiplayer was pretty fun. Surprisingly, I think.


I only came here to make sure you didn’t bad-mouth the best game ever made.
You barely survived this encounter. . .


I’ve never played it. Am I missing out?


Yes. Undeniably yes.


For me it was a similar kind of experience to The Walking Dead Season 1 from Telltale. Definitely memorable, but like I said it was a little repetitive - every area is the same chest high walls, distraction and stealth take downs. I loved the last 5 hours or so, but the middle section felt a little stretched out.


If only it weren’t a Playstation exclusive…


Yeah, the only reason I got to play it was because I bought a PS4 for my other half’s birthday so she could play Horizon Zero Dawn.
As with all games that require aiming, I would have enjoyed it a lot more with a mouse, or at least a gyro switch controller. At least them, aiming would be enjoyable rather than feeling like someone’s playing a cruel joke on you.


Incidentally, this is pretty much how I felt about the whole thing: