Mini Review: The Surge


I played this on a PS Now trial and thought it looked promising, so picked it up on Steam to play it on a better screen. I’ve already rage quit three times, so generally wouldn’t recommend it. As far as I can tell, it’s basically Dark Souls set in a dystopian future. The story starts out really well, so it’s a shame it just ended up like that it could have been much more interesting. In line with Souls games, you grind for money, levels and gear, there are campfires, enemies respawn when you save, combat is clunky, and you lose everything when you die (unless you corpse run without dying again). I generally hate stamina based combat - it makes the clunky combat even more tiresome.


This is one of those games that doesn’t feel “hard but fair” like Hollow Knight where the game is hard but the controls are so good that difficulty is down to your skill and reactions. This is one of those games where it’s hard because animations last forever, you can’t cancel them and enemies can rush you from behind while you’re fighting something else.

Oh and it crashed a couple of times just before I got back to the med-bay, goodbye progress!

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I feel like you played this game for 5 minutes and gave up. You either missed some of the most basic aspects of the game or failed to mention what separates it from other Souls-like games.

In The Surge you have the ability to bank your scrap (souls) at the med-bay so you don’t lose it all when you die. The trade-off is that you gain a bonus multiplier to scrap from kills by carrying more of it.

Also, the combat has a unique limb-targeting system. You have to cut off the armor and weapons from enemies in order to get it for yourself. This is also how you get your upgrade materials.

Sorry about your crashes. And sorry the game doesn’t have animation canceling for you to cheese.

Yeah there are small differences, but the point of these reviews (at least originally) was to put my thoughts down in one paragraph - most of them just tend to be longer. But I’m not going in to a lot of detail for a game I’m not enjoying.

Thanks for pointing them out though for others who might be interested!