Mini Review: This War of Mine




The most accurate portrayal of surviving a war I’ve seen in a game. Depressing and memorable, beautiful music. Brutally challenging for the first 10 days or so, and loved that it made you really think about what you were doing; I felt genuinely sorry for some NPCs. Much easier once I started manufacturing & trading booze & cigarettes. Only a few frustrating minor bugs, horrible combat mechanics.

Status: Completed in 17 hours
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Additional Notes:
With no manual saves, and games only saved at the beginning of each day, make sure you back up your save files before you do anything dangerous. While I appreciate that combat is meant to be risky because you’re just normal people and untrained, having one of your three characters die after spending 10 hours on the game is just annoying. I was in full military armor and helmet and had a shotgun, and got killed by a random guy with a knife. The combat mechanics are utterly horrible. Also, back up saves before you enter Sniper Junction - the mechanics in that section are completely the opposite to all other cover mechanics in the game, and having someone die because it’s unclear how it works is just stupid.

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Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement. Makes me want to check this out.


I knew a family who had family members in Syria during the war and this reminded me a lot of that while playing. While this is obviously not gruesome or gory, the events that happen are realistic; “we got raided”, “a building collapsed”, “I got shot”, “we need medication” etc.