Mini Review: Two Point Hospital (Free weekend!)




PSA: Two Point Hospital is currently free to play for the weekend! I’m playing it for free, and wanted to get this out sooner rather than later so you get a chance to play for free if you’re interested.

This comes from the developers of Theme Hospital, Bullfrog Productions (among others). It’s proud to be a modern Theme Hospital and it fills that niche really well. As in the original, you are the designer / owner of a hospital business and you must build a profitable healthcare empire by hiring doctors, building diagnosis rooms and keeping your staff and patients fed, watered and happy during their stay. The humour is spot on, the animations and framerate are really smooth, and it’s relaxing to play.

Status: Playing
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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I’ve been playing this solidly for the last 3 days and I’ve really enjoyed it. So following my initial summary, here are the extra notes!

  • I find it annoying that you can’t edit a room without it flinging everyone out when you’re done, but I understand why it’s like that. If I just want to add an extra bed to a Ward, it removes all the patients from the room and interrupts their treatment.
  • Particularly in smaller rooms, it would be useful if the closest walls to you were hidden like in The Sims. When you’re trying to place an object in a 3x3 room, the closest walls really get in the way.
  • The camera controls are generally good, but I find it slightly annoying that you can only rotate to the left and right OR change the angle up and down, but not at the same time. Once you start moving the mouse, it locks it to an axis.
  • Having internal windows as decor items strikes me as odd - do hospital treatment rooms normally have viewing windows? Also, you can’t add windows facing the outside as they’re all fixed.
  • I don’t like that hospital building are pre-built. I understand it’s to provide layout challenges and to purchase extra land plots, but I’d like to design my own.
  • It uses days as a unit of measurement, which looks quite strange given how long things last. It takes 4 days between arriving at the hospital door to being seen by reception. Training takes 6 weeks, which makes sense - but doctors go on a lunch break for 3 weeks at a time.
  • The prestige system for rooms is disappointingly flawed. You -can- fill them with things that look cool in sensible places, but because of the prestige system, it makes more mechancal sense to just spam gold certificates all over the walls and nothing else, to get the maximum prestige in the smallest rooms.
  • I’d have liked to see things like people being pushed around the hospital in beds or stretchers in an emergency . The large ward door indicates this would be the case but it’s not.