Mini Review: Yooka Laylee




If you want a game on PC that is a complete clone of Banjo Kazooie (N64, 1998) look no further! A 3D platfomer with a simple plot (the evil king of bees stole your magic book), ludicrous characters and sound effects. The controls are ok and the main character is well animated. If you cast your mind back 20 years it’s a lot less grating, but as an adult I find the colours and characters quite lurid and offputting. This stands out in the way that the levels are quite detailed and beautiful, but the characters are simplistic and bright; they look strange together. Gameplay is the same as BK and Mario 64; multiple worlds with tons of collectibles; new worlds open when you’ve found enough things.

Status: Retired
Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Just curious. Did you use a controller or M&K?


A wired 360 controller. I didn’t try the M/K, figured it wouldn’t be designed for that. I should probably clarify that the platforming element of the game was perfectly fine, I just didn’t like how it looked or sounded.


Got this one from Humble Bundle Monthly. Really excited to try it.
I miss the gool ol’ Banjo Kazooie days.