Miniature Market and CoolStuff links


Here you go D here is the links to miniature market and Cool Stuff. MM is located in St. Louis MO, and Cool Stuff is in FL.


Man I bought so much stuff from cool stuff inc. when I was playing D&D.


CoolStuff provides the best deals I think. The more you buy it marks of % for future orders and the more you buy after that the more the % goes up. But MM ships to my area faster than CoolStuff so I go with them. MM’s deal is 1 point per dollar and you can use those points on future orders. 1 pt ='s 1 penny off pretty terrible.


Love them both, especially when buying in bulk. For single items I prefer my local store, so they stick around.


Yea I try to support my FLGS too. They keep my tournaments going and provide a great place to people and meet new folks.


What do you play?


Star Wars Armada, some X-Wing, and D&D. What about you?


Just got out of Heroclix but I still have all my stuff. All of my Wave 2 Armada arrived from MM yesterday, and I have my 4th game scheduled for Sunday. I also actively play Star Trek Attack Wing. I used to play WH40K, Fantasy, Battlefleet Gothic. Now it’s just boardgames, Armada, STAW, Marvel Heroes, and PS4 games. I also have like 15 titles on my comics pull list, mostly Marvel titles, some indy, and He-Man, because Dan Abnett.


I played RPGs for a good 18 years or so (mostly White Wolf WoD, various iterations of DnD), but I don’t have it in me anymore to play on the regular, and one shots don’t excite me.


DnD can be time consuming we try to get in a game a week on Saturday for roughly 4 hours if we can. I never played Heroclix I did play something like it though Mechwarrior clix but it got really overburden when they added in special pilot cards. Like a dumbass I took all my stuff and trashed it (I regard that so much)
Oh man you play Armada :slight_smile: So first I am not sure where you are in the world but my buddy Mike McMann is putting together a 2 day tournament with prize support in Indianapolis in March I believe would be great if you could come out.
What faction you you like to play? Imperial or Rebel? Did you play in the Sullust Event a few weeks back? I have played in 2 Tournaments and I have a total of 15 games under my belt but damn those rules still trip me up.


Heh, I’m about 8 hours south of Indy, in Birmingham, AL. My planned next jaunt that far north will be for Gencon, maybe we can meet up for a game. I read that they’re expanding in to the stadium, which is welcome news.

I’ve only played Rebels so far. I have one of everything for both factions, with an extra Rebel Assault Frigate, MC80, and extra set of Rebel fighters. I’m still getting the hang of it, I haven’t won a game yet. Did not play in the Sullust event. The last tournament in my area was on my birthday, so I didn’t go. I don’t even remotely mind getting my butt kicked as long as I get to quote the movies while I’m playing. I’m starting to pay attention to the BGG Armada forums and reddit, so hopefully I can glean some learning those places. How about you, what’s your favorite?


Yea I saw that about Gencon a group of my friends go up every year. This year my wife and I will be joining them.

I got shoehorned into playing Rebels. Supplying all the ships for me and my buddy or I should say my sparring partner he was like “Oooo Imperial I’ll do that”. But honestly I am glad I play Rebels they are stronger compared to the Imperials. I came in 3rd place for Sullust and 2nd in my last Tournament. One bit of advice I could give you always run squadrons and get in lots and lots of practice with B-Wings (B-wings kill ISD’s easy)

Yea if you are every in town or I head that way I would love to get in a game with ya.

BTW not sure if you know about this link but it’s a great tool for building fleets. If you create a login it will save what you build to your profile and you can pull it up and edit it later.

My username on the FFG forums is Rottenreason


Hmm, I was about to go squadronless for our 300pt game Sunday. I do believe I will change that. Thanks for the advice!


if you go sqaudron-less what ships were you playing on running and what Admiral did you pick? Are you trying to win the bid by going under 300 or are you not worried about the bid? What missions did you select?


I was going to use Ackbar with a MC80 and an Assault Frigate. Was 299, I mostly wanted to try out the upgrades. I don’t have my missions on hand, but it’s irrelevant since I will probably just try a carrier group. We’re just playing around for fun trying stuff out. I gotta try to get behind his wedges though, I hear they are pretty weak there.


Ouch yea at 300pts you won’t have an squadrons. With the MC80 cost alone that is a 3rd of your points plus add Ackbar your pushing near 150 points. Don’t get me wrong the Ackbar slice is powerful. Even more so if you can play Advanced Gunnery (allows you to fire from the same hull zone more that once) I would try dropping the AF MK2 and put in a CR90 with all blue dice…here check out this build…
objectives are really really important. There are always 2 bad objectives and one that is meh. If I had to fight you and I had to pick the objective I would avoid Advanced Gunnery, Contest Outpost and Intel Sweep isn’t going to be pretty for me if I don’t have something that can move at speed 4.

If they take Gunnery just broad side the hell out of whatever you can shoot. If they take Contested Outpost ride around the Station like water going down the toilet, and Intel Sweep just send your CR90 out to pick up as many objective tokens as you can and keep your MC80 alive and you’ll win by points. Let with CR90 to get Overload Pulse off then follow up with MC80 to pressure them to burn those defense tokens.
Fighters are a basic fighter screen they will protect you from a Rhymer ball or keep other rebel bombers tied down. Not saying this is perfect or go with this but it’s a bit more flexible with synergy.


MC80 + MK2 and small fighter screen

This fleet you’ll lead with MC80 spam Navigate commands to take advantage of Engine techs. The extra yaw and +1 forward helps this turtle. Overload Pulse will lock down their defense tokens.
AFMK2 doesn’t need much in the way of upgrades since Ackbar is feeding it 2 extra red dice on those broad sides. Gunnery team just in case you only have one side facing toward the enemies.
A-Wings are a small basic fighter screen again there to stop bombers mainly
Since the build total is high you probably will not get to play your objectives. So you have to be prepared to pick the best objective that doesn’t screw you. I’d say pick whatever their yellow one is.


Sweet, I’ll print out the builds and take 'em with me. See what’s what.


GL and HF if you ever want to talk shop or need some advise on a build hit me up.


First game I used the MC80 and CR90. He took an ISD with Vader, a Gladiator with the shoot-move-shoot title, and some bombers and TIE advanced. He chose Advanced Gunnery. I killed both his ships by turn 5. He won the fighter game pretty easily, but I realized that was mostly a distraction.

Second game we ran Imps vs Imps. ISD, Victory, and Gladiator apiece. He took Tarkin, I used Motti. He again picked up bombers and TIE advanced, I used 4 regular TIEs, Boba Fett and IG-88. We played the mission where you get a token on your ship that you can spend the first time you shoot for two extra red dice. I killed his ISD, he killed my Victory. I won 254-160. My first two wins, lots of fun. I put my ISD head-on with his, figuring my black dice and extra hit points would win it for me, and I was right.

I might not be able to play again until January, but I am so looking forward to it. Thanks for your help!