Mining in Star Citizen



So far from release, I can only get hyped ><

I am lucky that THIS year is no pre-order. I would have been screwed last year.


Looks awesome. You haven’t bought a ship yet?


Last year ><

Banu Merchantman and the base pack for gameplay. Debating killing off the Merchantman for this though, god this is sexy and brings me back to mining in Eve. I don’t really want to be pegged into a role that hardcore though, with the merchantman I can do a bit of everything.

Played a bit of the flight sim for now but have been using Elite Dangerous as my go-to for space combat and exploration.


Paging @Droul, we found you Star Citizen ship :wink:


6 person crew. So much is riding on this game it isn’t even funny!

73 million dollars about raised. This new ship should push it past that mark.


This game will do either major good or massive damage to crowdsourcing for videogames; I’m speculatively hopeful.


So far the game is pretty well done but we only have one module, they are off their projected time table by a lot.

The internal builds of a couple other modules looked interesting. I mean I am GOING to eat my words on this next sentence:

“It looks like they may attain a successor to Eve online”

but the question is when. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer from missing the generation it was intended for, graphically.

For now, I am playing elite: Dangerous with the hopes of seeing this:

but i am WAY underskilled to deal with something like this LOL.