Mining Pro Tip: how to NOT get lost!



Hello mine crafters…i am here to maybe help others who have the same problem i do: getting lost in mine shafts. I have been so lost i dont know which way is out so many times i cant even count so i thought there must be a better way of doing things. Before i never paid any attention to where i placed my torches…where ever i wanted one it was placed…no rhyme or reason…BUT i have come up with a new way to keep track of which way the exit is. While you are mining and need light ALWAYS place your torches on the right hand wall. That way when you are looking for an exit all you have to do is keep the torches on your left hand side and it will take you to an exit. If the torches are on your right hand side you are headed deeper into the mine…if they are on your left hand side you are headed to daylight! I hope this makes sense and helps you from not doing a “Droul” and winding up 10000 leagues under the earth with no way out!! HAPPY MINING!!


What a great idea!


Also when I have many branches on both sides of the exit, I always place them on the side of the tunnel toward the exit, so I can index quickly.


I just dig straight up and never go too far from my house lol