Minute Quest - Android/iOS Timekiller, One Finger RPG - Free



I know, I know. ANOTHER MOBILE GAME!? This is literally what I do when I’m bored at work. I’m always looking for games to pass the time too and from the T, and this game is definitely high up there. No internet connection required once installed, so no worries if you lose service. In fact, no additional permissions needed at all, so thankfully your battery won’t be drained while the app isn’t running.

The game is simple, tap the left side of the screen to retreat, tap the right side of the screen to advance, equip weapons, armor, and a pet, and be on your way as you try and advance as far to the right as you can. Certain milestones will unlock secret dungeons at the castle that will allow you to get some rare equipment. How far can you advance?

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- The auto attack is nice if you're just mulling through enemies, but if you want to go the distance, your best bet is to attack as fast as humanly possible before the enemies get hits in on you. Your attack will swing as fast as you can tap the button, so let those fingers burn. - Pets are actually drops from the enemies themselves, and their drop rates are SUPER low. Don't be surprised if you don't see a pet for quite a while. - Certain armors match up with certain weapons, giving some added bonus. For example, using the fire rod with most armors doesn't give it any bonus at all. Using it with the mage outfit, however, gives you a bonus magic resist. Keep this in mind when building your item sets. - Three stats influence how frequently you hit: SPD, INT, and LUK. I started leveling these stats last and paid the price when I couldn't hit any enemies beyond a certain threshold. Be sure to keep these stats in check! - When you die and return to the castle, make sure you click "Pay Up!" on the top right of the screen. The castle pays you for every monster you slay, so it helps with your gold acquisition.



Dragon Warrior was probably one of the first Nintendo games I played. That slime and character sheet took me back a few years.


I did this game for a long time, just actually removed it. Pretty fun, as you progress it unlocks shortcuts to get to areas quicker. Like OP says you buy gear from shops and find pets to buff you while attacking mobs as well. Got to a point where a boss would one shot and the grind was needed… If you like going in a straight line this game is for you!


I just hit level 80, and I’ve only been playing for about 65 minutes (in game timer), so it really isn’t all that grindy. The worst thing is actually grinding for the gold because for whatever reason that doesn’t increase along with the experience you’re earning. It doesn’t make much sense but I have a harder time buying armor and weapons than I do beating bosses lol.

What made you remove it, @Nubhugs?


I had a TON of time in it. I would just hold right and watch TV or something. There was a point where this boss was far away and mobs would chip away my HP until I eventually got to it, then it would pummel me in a few hits. Had the best armor and weapons, only option was to keep leveling up. Auto level helped.


I will not go down another rabbit hole but thanks @PeterThomas6 :smiley:


Dragon Warrior was the first game I got for my NES aside from the combo pack Mario/Duck Hunt it came with; I know those feels :wink:


This is nice but I’m really looking for a game I can play by never actually playing it.


RABBIT HOLE?! Why I never! :smiley:

I think my first game was Legacy of the Wizard or King’s Quest, but I don’t recall. I actually didn’t get into turn based RPGs until the SNES.

Today is your lucky day sir. I just so happen to have the game for you. :slight_smile:


This is what gaming has become in 2015. It’s all downhill from here…


Looks neat. I think I shall try this out…


And then I somehow lost 2.5 hours… >.> I am like lvl 146 now xD


Jeez girl! Crushed it! You literally surpassed my level in one sitting, and I’ve been playing (off and on) since yesterday. Nice job. :slight_smile: You make Strats proud.

I think I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 108-110. I take it you’re enjoying it?


I am now lvl 186. Disappointed that there isn’t a better collection of information regarding skills from the weapon/armor/pet combinations available on the internet but as it is just a tiny little game I guess I can kinda understand it xD
I am big on rpgs and I always like to collect all the armor, weapons, etc. so I keep walking back and forth etc trying to collect all the pets and get enough money to buy all available gear, plus the upgrades that become available after each boss kill Q_Q
Brain melting.
So what gear are you using? I have the stick, leaf, poison shroom - that gives me elemup30, absorption (which is sadly not as helpful as I had hoped), and spdup30


Peter has sucked one more down the rabbit hole :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I live my life in rabbit holes :stuck_out_tongue: The real world is scary and there are no respawn points.


No, I think the only collection of information you can get is by visiting that house that is white with a red and blue symbol on the front of it. Taking your armaments there will allow you to see what everything does in better detail.

I know. I thought the game was overwhelming on it’s own, only to find out each weapon apparently has a level up (or more?) for it. I’m like, ugh, I’m never going to have enough gold for this stuff.

Currently am using the Shogun armor and the Shotgun (some rare drop I got from a boss). The shogun armor is 6 def with a weight of 280 (best armor to weight ratio I’ve found so far) and the shotgun is 20 bomb damage, hands down the most powerful weapon I’ve found.

I forget what the bonuses are. I wanna say the critical 10 one, and the attack power 10 one, but I could be mistaken.


do you know which boss it was? I haven’t gotten a rare drop yet Q_Q


I don’t remember what it was called, but it was in the first dungeon that opens up in the castle. After I beat it, that dungeon went away and I haven’t seen it since, so I’m not sure if it’ll come back or not.

The second “dungeon” called “Tunnels” hasn’t went anywhere, so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or intentional.


Haha, no, with the tunnels you use it to get as far as you have already gone to the right (good for farming exp and money) It wont let you go more screens than you have already gone so you will never accidentally go too far while holding right and get killed. It also appears to me that more little dudes spawn per screen down in the tunnels than they do on the surface. Sometimes a surface room will only have one or two but the corresponding tunnel room will usually have at least four.

edit: it looks like each tunnel room moves you three surface rooms