Mixer's 1st Anniversary


Today is Mixer’s 1st Anniversary! :cake: for all! To be completely accurate, it’s actually the 1st anniversary of the Beam rebrand into Mixer, but who really keeps track of these things?!

While our streaming focus here at Strats is on Twitch (join our community or stream team yo’), I do know a few of you stream to Mixer and figured it would be good to surface some changes that are happening over there.

Refreshed Experience

They are rolling out a beta of a newer online & mobile experience of the platform. While it’s rolling out in waves, you can apparently opt-in earlier if you wish (though you may need to be part of Mixer Pro).


With MixPlay, we’ve added to the arsenal of tools developers have to create next-generation streaming experiences. Instead of just adding buttons below the stream, developers can now create MixPlay experiences on top of streams, in panels on the side of video, as widgets around video or as free-floating overlays, all while completely matching the look and feel of their games or streamed content. The entire video window is now the developer’s canvas, and all that’s needed is familiarity with standard web technology like HTML and JavaScript.

Direct Purchase

Taking a page out of the Twitch playbook, viewers can now purchase select titles while viewing a Mixer stream and in turn, share a cut of the proceeds with the partner they were watching. And for a limited time, you can earn a $5 MS Store credit with any purchase over $9.99 via Direct Purchase.

Mixer Create

This app will more easily allow you to co-stream with friend. Launching initially on Android, a beta will soon be available on iOS.


Nothing really new here, though I found it interested that they will be showcasing some exclusive PS4 Smite play.

Free 1mo sub & 90 days Mixer Pro

As one more way of saying thanks, we’ll be giving a Free 1-month channel subscription and up to 90 days of Mixer Pro benefits to anyone who helps us celebrate by signing into Mixer at least once between May 24th, 2018 at 12:00AM UST and May 28th, 2018 at 11:59PM PDT and reaching at least Level 10 on your Mixer account by the end of that time. Expect to see these added to your account by June 1st, 2018 at the latest so you can get to supporting your favorite streamer and enjoying the benefits of Mixer Pro. The channel sub credit expires on July 1st, 2018 (30 days after you receive it), so make sure you redeem it by then!