MLK Day Gaming Marathon

I think a lot of people have Martin Luther King Day off. Let’s celebrate the diversity of our little community by doing some gaming (obviously).

I’ll be streaming all day and jumping from game to game but maybe we can come up with a schedule to keep people together a bit if that makes more sense.

Any ideas?


work :pensive:

O M G we must play more mine crack…errr mine craft! And some DAMP…maybe some GTA V. Wouldn’t mind some destiny for upgrade mats. Did I mention mine crack? :clap:

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Definitely Planetside 2

Also kickin it old school with a little EQ2

This is such an amazing image. :slight_smile: I unfortunately do not have the day off, but enjoy it for me, and happy gaming.

Unfortunately in Boise without my PS4 today, so enjoy this and kill some Red Templars for me.

That is a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

It free to play on steam