Mobile Gaming, The Internet, and You

A few days ago, I realized just how many of my mobile games require an internet connection to even boot up. For certain games that require multiplayer features (like Clash of Clans, for example), I get it, and it makes sense.

But for most of the games that I play, they are single player and yet they force you to connect to the internet to play. If I’m underground waiting for the T, I literally cannot play those games until I regain an internet connection.

Am I being too finicky, or is this a pain in the ass? I know it’s a blurry line for free games because they want to run ads for income, and some single player games have social aspects to them, but would it be that difficult to shut those features down when not connected to the internet without stopping the user from playing?

It has gotten so prominent that I’ve been rating games one star if I feel like being connected to the internet is not a necessity. Thoughts from anyone here who does some mobile gaming?


I don’t play mobile games, but I don’t like it when a console game does the same thing. Plants Vs. Zombies, for example, has a single player mode, but you have to connect to the Internet to play it. It makes no sense other than for paranoid copy protection and for reporting usage statistics.


Totally agree. It’s become way too prevalent.

I never thought of that before, but that is probably exactly why.

For console games I am a little more understanding, but barely. Mobile games don’t need to be validated the way physical games do, but even if they did, again, why not turn off some features that you cannot use if you cannot validate. Like, oh, I don’t know… all of the online features?

Yes, this is the first thing that came to mind. And I get it, they don’t want people shutting their phones off into airplane mode to play the games and avoid the ads, but that’s more hassle than it’s worth anyway. I’d be more likely to pay $.99 to remove ads than to keep adjusting the settings because ads are annoying. But I refuse to pay for a game that forces me to connect to the web to play.

Please dear God don’t say this to loudly.

On paper it is a good idea, until EA gets it, then it becomes, “want an ad free experience for the next X games or Y duration? ONLY 99 CENTS!”

App developers already do something like this, but I certainly agree. Most recently they’re was talk about this in the crowd sourcing sector with the removal of offline mode from elite dangerous. Always interesting to read about.

Well, the original topic was about mobile games, not console. I wouldn’t pay that same money for a console game to have the same features included/removed by the same means. They’re on a very different tier.

You mean like they’re doing in Need for Speed: No Limits? Sorry, too late to stop that. They’re going to start charging you for all sorts of things.

EA has a decent showing in the mobile atmosphere. The other example was just a talking point.

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