Mods as weekend events discussion



Have you seen the lucky blocks videos from Yopgscast?

Is this possible to do with vanilla?

May be something to do if so.

Poll: Weekly Event for 14 Mar
Poll: Weekly Event for 14 Mar

Do-able? Yes. Complicated as hell? Also yes. I’ve seen an example of it functioning in 1.8 vanilla, but never of it working in multiplayer, so that’s another concern. I’ll do some research on it and see if it’s at all feasible, but I’m thinking “not overly” at this point.


Are they just playing it over lan?


They’re not playing in vanilla, that’s a modded server. Just to have a simplistic version of lucky blocks going in vanilla (literally only the lucky blocks) is some 50 command blocks (and that’s only ~18 variations, nothing like the complexity seen in the videos).


Ahh that makes more sense, I was inferring that it was a vanilla mod (?) not like a mod suite.


There’s no such thing as a “vanilla mod.” Vanilla is used to refer to an unmodded version of Minecraft; everything else is either a mod (sometimes called a standalone mod) or a modpack, both of which constitute “modded Minecraft” :wink:


You know what I mean though, like the stuff you have on your server right now.


Those are server-side mods of a sort referred to as plugins that specifically interact with the Spigot 1.8 modded .jar file; they’re installed to make small quality of life improvements while simultaneously allowing players to join without having to do anything on their end with them. Lucky Blocks, along with most other mods, are not updated to 1.8 (many aren’t even past 1.6.4), sometimes require client-side installation, and make drastic adjustments to gameplay mechanics well beyond the simple changes the administrative plugins I have installed.

This server is staying Vanilla (including for events) because the logistics and time needed to switch it around to previous versions, install mods, and put tutorials up for the members to do the same is a proverbial nightmare; the timeline for Minecraft’s progression in Strats was laid out in this meeting around the 23:15 mark :wink:


Ahh okay so plugin vs mod

Mod == Content

Plugin == Stability.


More or less; there were some changes made to the gameplay with the plugins we’re running, but they’re largely managerial in nature: to prevent griefing and ease the complexity of being an op.

I usually think of it as:
Plugin == server-side: managerial/stability
Mod == client-side: content augmentation/addition


Since you changed the topic, it sounds like fun but I don’t know if it would be worth it from a couple points:

Server Stability
Time Investment
Server Requirements

it would be a blast to do on occasion though. but i don’t know the logistics. I barely looked into the needs of doing a multiple instance thing. it seemed cool, but heavy.


The biggest issue is I’d have to backup the entire server, download it, establish a new server using the correct .jar and mods, post a tutorial for everyone to install what they need on their end to play the event, backup the entire event server following the event, download it, upload the old server, and pray I don’t fuck this up somehow :wink:

  • Server stability is a nonissue given what would be required of me (removing the old server files and uploading fresh ones for the event)
  • Time investment would be colossal because of the upload/download server-side plus everyone else’s time to get their client ready. I’d need closer to an hour on the front-end of the event (rather than the 20-30 minutes I take) and somewhere near 30 minutes on the back-end (which usually only takes 5) at a minimum to ensure everything is playing nice on the server.
  • Server requirements would also be a nonissue at present but could quickly become problematic as the server continues to grow in population.


the way I saw it being implemented as an instance was you basically had one server, multiple ports.

You could bring up and down that instance for weekend events and you would only lose data relating to that specific instance.

The resource / requirement / stability comment came from running instance 1 (Main server) alongside instance 2 (Event Server) but you are right, if you basically remove instance and and replace it every event it would be very time intensive.


Yeah, the issue with this given our current server provider is they’re awesome for using Linux-based servers with SSD’s and DDoS protection but I’m not allowed to establish multiple instances on it; I can swap the server around to different versions/maps/mods as I see fit, but I can only have one .jar running at a time.

One day when Strats is super-successful we’ll have a dedicated server in our data center hosting tons of Minecraft servers :wink:


Really? When I was using that hosting the only instance issue was that they wanted more money per instance. Basically set-up of a new server was required (basically a new contract w monthly sub).

Meh, doesn’t take super success to provide these things. Just takes people like you, Vocino and Biff.

Part of the providing is sacrifice.


I don’t have $200+/mo to throw down on a dedicated server rental right now :wink:


LoL, wasn’t being literal as in “You three need to spend more!”

I was getting at, if the community wants it then the community needs to follow by the example you three have provided.


Thought this was about me till I read haha


Not gonna lie, every time I see your name I think of a sure successful streamer. I think he goes by modz.


Haha cool man