Modz's Introduction to the Community


Heyo everyone, i’m fairly new to the strats community but I am here to make a brief introduction of myself!

My names Cam or Modz whatever you like to call me and i’m a 16 year old gamer. I play lots of games like minecraft and planetside and i’m a big fan of community based gameplay. I am a very mature minded teenager, so do not feel the need to talk to me differently etc, if you see you me around don’t feel afraid to say hi!



Hi Cam welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


I think Drizz made a bot to say that to every intro post.


Welcome! And I am of the same opinion as Vocino :wink:




Welcome! c:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Hey don’t hate, I add stuff every now and then. Plus hard to have a bot like that on my phone. As far as I know.


Hiiiiiii Cam! (@ModzFosho)

Welcome to the Strats community! :slight_smile: Make yourself at home here.




Welcome Soldier to Strats.


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