Mohomohommad's Great Water Cooling Adventure! (Last Update Feb 17)




So as some of you know, I’ve recently decided to create a custom water cooling loop for my computer. This is something I have never done before, so I thought it may be interesting to document my adventures and allow others to learn from my mistakes (which I can guarantee will be plentiful). I will release updates as I work on this project, which should finally be up and running by the end of Jan 23. I hope you are all able to find joy in my struggles.

For now I will just be cooling the CPU, and will eventually add in the GPU when I figure out which GPU I will be going with long-term.

New Build Critique
New to Water Cooling

UPDATE 1 - Parts Ordered
Parts have been ordered. My gigantic Corsair 800D case surprisingly does not have very much space for mounting radiators, so I have ordered a black/red NZXT H440 as well as all the water cooling parts I will need. It ended up costing a little more than I had expected (just a touch over 900 Canadian Rupees with taxes and shipping), but you can’t put a price on frustrating yourself for the entertainment of others. I feel they will be rupees well spent.


UPDATE 2 - Parts Arrive

Today was a wonderful day. I ordered my parts the morning before and they are already here.


Were you not using transparent tubing?

Looking good. Hope everything turns out perfect! :smiley:


Didn’t want to put any die or additives in the loop (other than the silver coil to inhibit biological growth) so I used translucent red tubing and a clear reservoir to watch for any discoloration in the water that might indicate corrosion or other things of the sort.


UPDATE 3 - Preparation

Now that I have my glorious parts, I figure it is a good time to make sure they’re all compatible with one another. The last thing I want is to be all ready to hook it up next weekend and find out my fittings don’t fit in to my CPU block or reservoir, or damage a radiator trying to fit it in to the case when it’s not the right one.

All compatible. Huzzah!

Now that I’ve found all the parts to be compatible, the next thing I wanted to get out of the way was cleaning out my parts. This will get rid of any dust or residue left over from the manufacturing process. I could leave this part to later, but I’d rather do a good job now and just have to do a quick rinse on the day I’m actually going to set it up.

It is strongly recommended that distilled water is used when cleaning out the inside of your parts as to not introduce any new residue to the system. DO NOT use tap or spring water. These will have extra minerals and other additives dissolved in them that can gunk up your precious new loop.

I’ll use the radiator as an example, but I used pretty much the same process for all the parts. Using a funnel I filled the radiator with distilled water, plugged the holes with the little rubber stoppers it came with (thumbs work if a radiator doesn’t come with these), shook it around, and dumped it out in the sink.
If you see any discoloration in the water coming out, repeat this process until it comes out clear.

Careful filling the radiator too fast… The water level will sneak up on you! It happened to me… twice…
Not a big deal but still nice to not get water everywhere.


This is an epic thread. I will post more thoughts shortly.


Unless you are in Germany, cause you know, most clean tap water ever! Hahaha

I will assume that you will let it run for maybe an hour to ensure there are no leaks.
Looks pretty sick man! I can only dream with having that awesome experience.


Yep. That phase is still a little while away though.


UPDATE 4 - The First Obsticles

I knew that I’d run into problems, it was just a question of when. I removed all the pannels from the case and, after the radiators were put in, realized there was far less space available than I had andticipated. I could fit the pump in, but wasn’t sure if I could fit it in in any functional way, and forget about fitting the reservoir in the bottom as well.

The only place the reservoir could possibly go is in the front at the bottom where the 2.5" drive sleds live. Looks like the SSDs need to find a new home.

After several minutes of staring and letting the hampster wheel turn I decided the best place to mount the SSDs is in behind the front radiator on the back wall. Here’s hoping that I can run the SATA cables back there without problem.

Yay! The frustrations keep coming! While trying to see how things fit I’ve discovered with the extra width of the radiator (vs the fans), it doesn’t fit flat in the top… This means that I need the fans to be above the radiator and run push instead of pull.

For those of you unfamilliar with push vs pull, they both perform the same in terms of thermals, but in push the dust builds up between the fans and the radiator rather than on the outside, making it a pain to clean.

Well this sucks, but I guess it’s just something I’m going to have to live with. Probably should have tested to make sure it fit while I was testing everything else.

Will post more on Monday. Think I may have found a solution.


great thread. i’ve always wanted to do a custom loop, but i always felt like it would be way too much to worry about down the road as far as maintenance goes.


For the road @Mohomohommad is taken and from what i know. You do maintenance once a year if i am correct.


Yeah. I’ll probably do it once a year, but I imagine you could get away with once every two years if you’re always monitoring your temps and clarity of the water.


Those radiators look really nice.


Sorry guys. Meant to have another update by now. Should have a couple new updates tonight.


This is something I never did when I experimented with water cooling back in the day. Great little tip.


Linus has taught me well.


UPDATE 5 - Arrival of the Final Parts

The final parts for the build have arrived. They may not be flashy, but they are indeed critical.

Phobya NB-eLoop Bionic Fan:
The eLoop fans designed by Phobya and Noiseblocker are widely regarded as the best fans on the market. I already had 2 on my corsair AIO, but needed 3 more… As you may have noticed from my earlier post there were only 2 shown. The place I ordered my water cooling parts from only had 2 left, so I had to order the third from another source. Sure, I could have thrown a different fan in there, but what’s an extra few rupees to make sure everything matches?

99.99999% Silver Kill Coil:
Water is a wonderful thing. It is the source of all life on our planet. However, I don’t want it to be the source of life in my cooling loop (i.e. Algae). Since silver can kill werewolves, I assumed it would also kill anything that tries to grow in my loop. (But seriously, it prevents any biological growth in the loop).


Are those fans going on your rads?