Monday night raid group [Destiny]


So @Fyrefly21 and I want to get the raid done this Monday and looking for people to do it. We have the Piston jumping puzzle check point so we really only have the daughters and oryx left. Because it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend both @Fyrefly21 and I have Monday off so we can be on whenever people can get on to raid so let us know when you can get on and we can work out a time.

Smasher’s Team:
@Smasher225 (Warlock // Stormcaller)
@Fyrefly21 (Hunter // Nightstalker)
@Droul (Titan // Defender/Sunbreaker)
@BarryBillericay (Hunter // Nightstalker)
@Rellek (Hunter/ Warlock // Nightstalker/???)
@ohnokenzilla (Warlock // Sunsinger/Stormcaller) (after 8:30)

Start time: After 6:30 PM EST (as per @Rellek) (8:30 EST with Ken if needed)


I’d like to join you. I can be on any time after 6 pm ET.


i am so down for this…i want to kill the big baddies!!


@Droul what time can you be on? Also what sub class are you guys going to use?


i can be on anytime so ill be there whenever :smile: i can either play defender or the fire hammer guy, whichever is best for the group!


I can probably be there around 6:30 est. I have a hunter or warlock that I can run through with


@Droul I would probably want defender more, Weapons of Light plus Illuminated is just ridiculous and when you add bow, boom.

@Rellek, I would suggest Hunter but its what you want to play, you do you buddy.

I’m also going to suggest some strats for both the Daughters and Oryx I picked up from watching a speed run of the whole raid. Did it in 34 minutes which is stupid.


I can hop on at 8:30 if you need me.


I will bring my best defenderness!


Dont wait for me if you fill the slot earlier. I have a fully levelled warlock (all subclasses), and my titan is raid ready now, defender/striker. My sunbreaker is about half done.


will do @ohnokenzilla, I’ll keep you posted. My titan is geared to do the raid but I have no sub class progress what-so-ever because I boosted to 25 on him and it doesn’t give you any sub class progress.


I can help if you need me. I get home from work by 830pm est


In that case take spred, I should be in the Mumble chat tonight. Best of luck!


I’ll be on my hunter, night stalker, and using my brand new, but fully unlocked, 310 Touch of Malice!


@BarryBillericay I want that gun so bad, need to do the raid part first then I’ll work on getting it this week.


You probably already know this, but you need 45 calcified fragments ( is helpful to see which ones you have/need, but it can only track that detail account-wide, not per character, which is… frustrating), and once you get the gun, it requires 30 hadium flakes to fully upgrade. So, farm early, farm often!

I got mine thanks to the patient encouragement & help of @WantedDOA85, @Majordomo and @Droul. Thanks, guys! I’m sorry I embody the cliche of white guys and jumping.


Yeah I know about the fragments which sucks because I got a t3 rune one on my titan and I can’t transfer charged runes between characters so I have 3 t3 runes on my titan and my warlock is my main and could really use them.


Big shout out to @smasher225 @barrybillericay @Droul @fyrefly21 and @wanteddoa. We took a while but got three people their first oryx kill and I think the first 100% strats kings fall raid!!


if on the off chance anyone is still interested in running it doesn’t have a group or someone has dropped out add me jussblaze2411 Hunter 295 have done it before except for final boss fight.


So proud of you guys. Now I need to get my first Oryx kill, them shards be burning a hole in pocket…