Money Making in GW2 Festival



So i found an interesting way to make a small profit in the Dragon Festival going on right now in Divinity’s Reach. All it takes is a little bit of starting cash, buying and item, and selling it on the Trading Post for profit. I’ll go over what it entails below.

  1. Log on
  2. Go to the Crown Pavillion Waypoint in Divinity Reach.
  3. Speak to a Phaedra.
  4. Open her vendor menu and go to the first tab. There is something called Divine Lucky Envelop that she sell for 1 gold apiece and there is a daily limit of purchasing of 16 per day. Buy as many as your budget allows for.
  5. Right click on the item and pick the Sell at Trading Post option.
  6. There will be two column in the new window that pops up. You will want to sell them at the top price under the Current Sellers coulumn. You will need to out up some money to place them on the trading post so don’t spend all of you money on buying the envelopes.
  7. Wait.
  8. Log in the next day. Collect your money from the trading post and repeat step 1-8.

If there are any questions you can hit me up in game or in mumble.