Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo Code

Well, I tweeted it out, and got rid of two of the three demo codes that I had, so I figured I’d post it over here for anyone who has a 2/3DS and wanted to try out MH4U and maybe didn’t get a code. It’s a first come, first serve, so grab it while you can. :smile:


Please do us a courtesy if you claim it and let us know, and mods can shut this down whenever it’s been claimed. Thanks, and enjoy/happy hunting!

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I would, but I haven’t beaten 3 yet :frowning:
So many games I still need to play xD
Someone play it and tell me how awesome it is! :3

It’s VERY awesome, I tried out the demo last week. I’m glad they brought Ultimate 4 to the US. I’ve been waiting a long time for MH4…

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