More ArcheAge keys?



Hi everyone, i’m melissa and i’m here for the ArcheAge keys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

@faeydra , glad you found us. Unfortunately, the beta keys we had are all spoken for. The Closed Beta Event is due to close in just a few hours. Feel free to look around the place, this is a good starting read. We have a very active community here and will have a great user base for the next Beta event. Keep in mind active community members get the first round of beta keys we get.


Is there any plan to release beta code for the cb4?


If the past predicts the future we will have codes for the 4th closed beta of ArcheAge. Until then feel free to hang out with us. We have growing volumes of content on ArcheAge as well as other great games and a very active Mumble server.