More headset woes


More headset woes for me today as my turtle beach pair have broken just like the Sony golds before them. I don’t want to throw good money after bad and rebuy the same thing. I have a budget of 150-200 bucks and want to use Amazon so if anyone could find me a pair they recommend please leave a link below. These will be for ps4 and need to be wireless and 7.1 surround with a mic. I have had 2 pair of Sony gold wireless and a pair of turtle beach ear force 500p. I loved the turtle beach but they broke and am hearing they have problems with them. The sonys broke off the ear cup twice in the same location. I have come to the conclusion I have a big fat head and need to invest in a good pair. Thanks for helping if you can


Honestly, anymore I find myself just playing in stereo because of how my audio is sent around for capture and streaming. I wish I had a product recommendation that fit the bill, but I don’t, only these words to consider:

This stipulation is going to continue to cause you a proverbial headache because the number of headsets out there that produce quality sound while simultaneously standing the test of time (read: durability) is far greater than the list that are wireless with a mic and support 7.1 on PS4; if that’s the deal-breaker for you, you’ve probably owned some of the best options available in your budget and you’re going to have to purchase the same again and hope for different results.


guess ill give these a try


Nope, don’t do it.

  1. No surround sound support on PS4
  2. Volume is unbearably-quiet on PS4

Source: I own a pair, tried to make them work, and couldn’t. The volume issue is unique to that particular set of headphones, but basically no USB-dongle headset is going to work as a surround sound device on PS4 unless Sony explicitly allows it (and they’re only doing that for the headsets they make ;)).


Ok cancelled those and got another pair of Turtle Beach…


I’m surprised at the trouble your having with the gold set, mine have held up very well. Are you rough on them when taking off and putting on?


Considering they lasted like…3 months…

I would have to assume that when he takes them off he does so like this:


Man, this makes me remember that I’m due for a new pair of headphones ugh.