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NOT your most favorite, but most memorable. The one you first think of when game trailers come to mind. There have been many since that were much better, but this Warcraft 3 trailer is the measuring stick for me personally, what’s yours?


This is easily the standout:

There are a lot of trailers I’ve appreciated over the years, but none got me the way this one did.



It’s a mad world…


For me, the gears of war trailers have always struck a chord.

You have Mad World, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and Brothers to the End trailers, then with GoW 4 Nightmare reborn.

Edit: Damnit @lyteforce , you beat me to it. Those GoW 3 trailers still give me goosebumps.

Edit 2: For reference here’s some of the other trailers

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
GoW4 Nightmare Reborn

Can’t seem to find a proper source for Brothers to the End, so maybe that was a fan made one? Just spent an hour combing through these trailers trying to find good sources.


I might be unusual, but trailers have never mattered for me - I literally can’t remember any of them except Ready Player One, because I only watched it about a week ago (and it’s not even a game trailer!):


When I first saw the Diablo 3 gameplay trailer in 2011, it was a huge nostalgia flood. I had played Diablo when I was working at a crappy cyber cafe and fell in love with it. All I could think about was never playing anything else but Diablo 3 when it was released.

Then I waited for years.


Oh dude… I had serious nostalgia hype at the 25 sec mark when this trailer came out.


I loved the Warhammer Online trailers. I always thought they did a great job of showing the world, races and even classes.


Ooooooh man… Warhammer Online. 100% yes. I remember being so hyped for this.


This isn’t really a true trailer, more like an intro, but I still think of it when I think of trailers that had me hooked right away.

When I think of cinematic trailers, ESO’s hands down.


ESO for sure.


For me the Hearthstone Trailers have always been a highlight as they’re short and rather memorable and the jingle they usually have playing will get stuck in your head. My favorite being the Gadgetzan trailer even though its my least favorite expansion


I really love this opening to Final Fantasy 14 reborn, but the first time I saw it was with the music from a youtube “fantasy music” video, so I’m gonna put that here instead since the original music was kind lame in comparison. The first 6ish minutes is the only part I’m talking about.


That D2 trailer was so epic when it came out.

Here’s a few more for the list. Everything ArenaNet put out has been really well done; these are a couple that many giddy Guild Wars fans watched over and over again in anticipation of release:


Dragon Age had some awesome trailers.


Hmm. Don’t know if this counts, but the intro to Interstate 82 has always stuck with me.

As far as actual official trailers go, probably Fallout 4 just due to my hype after how good Fallout 3 was (and the wait between that and 4).